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The Explorer and Love (Ezreal and Lux)

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bumpity bump

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I'm confuzzled... doesn't Draven die in chapter 4? how is he with Swain in chapter 8 then?

also.... Malzahar? lol

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I'm confuzzled... doesn't Draven die in chapter 4? how is he with Swain in chapter 8 then?

also.... Malzahar? lol

You will see in the future.

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Every time you post something on this thread I think it's a new chapter of the story >.<

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great story, keep up the good work!

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-Chapter Ten-

The Sun rays beam into the room and Ezreal tosses and turns in the bed and rolls off the bed and landed on his face.

"Why always the face?!"
He said, getting up.

He got dressed and noticed that Lux was gone. He walked out of the room and looked in Garen's room, he was gone. He walks in the Kitchen, no one was there. He rubs his head and walks out. He notices no one's outside, like a Ghost-Town. He walks to the gate and sees the guards are gone, so he just walks through the Marsh for hours.

"Where is everyone?"
He said.

Soon, he wandered into a strange little camp with a Banner, it had a Brain and Wrenches on it, and he heard feint voices.

"Ziggs! Pass me the Pulse chip!"
Yelled a Yordle.

Ezreal got a little closer and a alarm went off. Suddenly, a bomb was flying towards Ezreal. His eyes widened and he rolled forward and fired an Mystic Shot to explode it in mid air.

"Are you crazy!?"
Ezreal yelled.

A Yordle with a black leather suit nodded.
"I'm Ziggs!"
He said, juggling bombs.

The other one walked up.

"Pardon my partner, Ziggs, he's a little.. Messed up. I am Heimerdinger! The Revered Inventor! I'm working on a Suit of armor at the moment. But anyway, you looked like you came from that City, Demacia, shouldn't you be in the battle against Noxus?"
Heimerdinger said.

"Oh yeah! The battle was today! I need to offer support!"
Ezreal said, but before he ran off, Heimerdinger halted him.

"Wait! You'll be the perfect Test Subject for my Pulsefire Armor!"
Heimerdinger said.
"It's almost complete!"

Hours passed and while Heimerdinger and Ziggs worked on the armor, Ezreal practiced his skills.

Heimerdinger said!

Ezreal put on his armor and examined himself.
"A little strange.."
He said.

"Give it some time, it evolves with time! Every hour it becomes more powerful, making your attacks more effective!"
Heimerdinger explained.

Ezreal nodded.
"Thanks for the help. Now I must try to reach the battle in time to help."
He said.

"That'll be no problem,"
Ziggs said.
"there's a Jet-pack installed!"

Ezreal activated the Jet-Pack then flew off. He soared across the Sky and reached Noxus. All he saw were banners and bodies lying on the ground. He saw that machines were destroyed and the walls of Noxus were damaged. He flew into a hole and sneaked into the City and saw two Guards.

"So, the prisoners of the battle were taken to the Underground chamber?"
A Guard said.

The other one nodded. Ezreal narrowed his eyes and fired two quick Mystic Shots to take them down, luckily, one of them had a map, so Ezreal took it and headed for the Underground chamber. He got to a staircase leading to a Dark and creepy area.. He slowly stepped down. Once he got there, he heard Garen's voice.

"You can kill me! Just leave my sister alone!"
He heard.

Ezreal thought to himself.

He saw Garen hung onto a wall, his torso armor was off and he had bruises and cuts on him, and saw a disgusting figure, and he recognized it.. It was Urgot, cackling and he tortured Garen. Ezreal stepped up and said;

"Hey, freaky crab, leave him alone."

Urgot turned and snarled as he fired his poison. Ezreal easily dodged and fired multiple Mystic Shots, injuring Urgot. Urgot ran away and Ezreal freed Garen. Garen grabbed his sword from the nearby rack.

"Ezreal.. Thank you.. You saved my life. Now we must free the rest of the Soldiers. Follow me!"
He said, Ezreal following behind.

They reached a chamber with Demacian Soldiers in it, and Garen quickly took care of the guards and freed the Soldiers.

"Soldiers, you find the Prince and Shyvanna, get them out of here and return to Demacia! We'll take care of Noxus!"
Garen said.

The Soldiers cheered and stole the Noxian Guard's armor. Ezreal and Garen continued to dash through the chamber, freeing all Prisoners. Eventually, they heard screams from Xin Zhao. They saw Xin Zhao in the same position Garen was in, but in worse condition. The torturer was Darius, but before Garen could surprise him, Draven leaped from the shadows and tackled both Ezreal and Garen. Xin looked to the side, breaking his leg chains to kick Darius in the face while he was distracted.

"How!? How are you still alive, Draven?!"
Xin demanded.

Draven laughed.

"It's simple! It was never me you killed, it was a simple Scout that I sent in my armor, I told him to use my name if he needed to, fool! All you did was kill a Scout!"
Draven said, choking Garen and Ezreal. Garen couldn't do anything, he was exhausted from the torture.

Xin struggled to break free, but Darius sliced him once more on the chest and Xin spat on his face, which Darius reacted with a kidney punch. Xin coughed up blood. The three heroes were unable to break free to assist each other, suddenly, Ezreal's armor began to glow.. It was evolving. His armor grew in size and was upgraded, sending out a shock wave, blowing both Garen and Draven away. During the blinding light, Ezreal threw a left-hook at Draven, then followed up with a round-house-kick, then grabbed Draven's neck and slammed him against the hard concrete floor. Darius charged Ezreal, but Ezreal activated his Jet-Pack to leap in the air and land on Darius, choking him with his legs, he then activated the Jet-Pack once more to do a few loops, then slam Darius onto Draven. Ezreal then quickly freed Xin Zhao, and as revenge, Xin stomped and beat Draven and Darius to an inch of their life, then chained them to the wall, as they did with him. Xin grabbed his weapon and Garen told him to go with the other soldiers in freeing the Prince, Xin nodded and dashed off.

"Ezreal. That was an amazing act of power.."
Garen said.

Ezreal nodded and gave a thumbs up.
"The Champion of the League does his best.."

They both laughed and went to find Lux. After about fifty minutes, they saw Katarina and Lux, Lux was sitting in a cage, perfectly fine, and Katarina was reading a book, and before anything happened, Katarina opened the cage and said;

"Just take the girl."
Still reading her book.

Ezreal shrugged and hugged Lux. They all three left the underground chamber, and Ezreal's armor evolved once more, his head was then covered in armor, with a scanner.

"I love Science!"
He said.

They saw another battle with the freed Soldiers and the Guards, they used that as cover to sneak into the main building in Noxus, they were confronted by Guards and Ezreal readied his canon.

"Hold on, Ezreal, these are the soldiers we freed."
Garen said.

The Disguised Soldiers said;

"Talon and Swain remain in the tower, preparing to escape. It's not even guarded, the Guards left to fight off the freed soldiers, we're going to join them now. Good luck, Might of Demacia!"

They ran off to the battle. Ezreal activated his Jet-Pack.
"You guys take the stairs, I'll go confront these two first, don't take too long!"
Ezreal said, flying off to the Tower, and flew through a window.

Talon leaped up and got in front of Swain.
"I knew you wouldn't just stay down and accept death!"
Talon said, preparing his blade.

"You are a Coward and a Weakling, Talon. Step down and you might live. Swain, I demand you surrender and leave Demacia alone!"
Ezreal said.

Swain blinked.
"You're in no position to demand anything, boy."

"Or am I!?"
Ezreal said, preparing his canon, then Urgot busted into the room and fired a Poison cloud at Ezreal.

"No, you're really not.."
Swain said, returning to his table.

Ezreal fell to the floor, his vision was blurred and he could hardly breathe. Talon leaped up onto the ceiling, and Urgot hid, soon, Garen and Lux ran into the room.

"Ezre - "
Garen said, before being ambushed by Talon and taking a stab to the back.

Before Lux could do anything, Urgot grabbed her and she screamed.

Ezreal put his hand forward slowly.

"Lux... No.."

Swain stomped on the hand.

"You pests won't stop until we kill you, will you? Well then, I suppose we must end this charade now."
Swain said.

Talon smirked and walked towards Ezreal, but before he could finish him off, a Dragon destroyed the tower's top, making a large opening. The Dragon screeched and pick Garen and Ezreal up. Then forced Urgot to free Lux, then picked her up. The Dragon flew back down, but quickly flew back up, this time, Jarvan stood atop of the Dragon.

He yelled.

Jarvan then leaped off the Dragon and landed with tremendous force, forcing Talon, Urgot, and Swain to be launched out of the Tower, they flew out in different directions and Jarvan ran down the Tower.
The Dragon landed and changed, it was Shyvanna. The soldiers crowded around Garen and Ezreal, and Lux tried to aid them, but she couldn't. Xin placed his hand on Lux, frowning. Jarvan walked up.

"Back up! Give them some space!"
He said, looking at the two.

"This boy here saved us all.. He's a Hero of Demacia.. along with Garen.."
Jarvan picked Ezreal up and it took Xin, Shyvanna, and five other soldiers to carry Garen.

They marched through the corpse-stained battle field, they continued to March, and Wukong spotted them.

"Hey, isn't that the boy we helped a while back?"
He said, looking at Ezreal in Jarvan's arms.

Yi walked up and nodded. Lee walked up to Yi and Yi began to follow the Soldiers, Wukong grabbed Lee's arm and followed Yi. They joined the March and soon, Heimerdinger and Ziggs spotted them.

"Hey! It's the boy that we gave the armor to! Looks like he's dead though."
Ziggs said, juggling bombs.

Heimerdinger had a sad look on his face.
He said.
"we should follow them so we can repair the armor."

Heimerdinger joined the March, and Ziggs followed.

Soon, all the friends Ezreal befriended on his journey were in the March, except for one. They walked through the marshes, and there was smoke appearing around the Marching Soldiers, even Shaco followed to pay his respects. Soon, everyone crowded around Ezreal and Garen as they were placed on the beds to be healed. Heimerdinger and Ziggs took the armor off, leaving Ezreal in his Casual Demacian clothes, they didn't leave Demacia, however. After a few minutes, Jarvan, Shyvanna, Xin, and the remaining Guards left for the palace, leaving Yi, Wu, and Lee in the room, Shaco disappeared somewhere at the entrance.

"Do you think he'll be okay?"
Wukong asked.

Lee shrugged, sadly, and Yi frowned..

Would the Heroes live? Only time could tell...

-End of Chapter Ten-

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-"Alright guys! We can do this, Ryze and Shen, you two push the bottom lane, Jax and Gangplank, push middle. I will push top, once they see us, they'll have to split up to stop all of us! Let's do it!"
He said.-

Dare I ask what Ezreal's Elo is with these tactics?

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Dare I ask what Ezreal's Elo is with these tactics?

Over 9000 I guess. or what his tactical scanner says.

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Bump. :P

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Bump :3