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The Explorer and Love (Ezreal and Lux)

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Good stuff, you should really release the last chapter

although, I do have some criticism...Is that how you spell it? I dont know.

Anyway, saying "X looked sad" sounds a little weird, try swapping sad out for other words, or remaking the sentence. Just you said looks sad alot. Oh well, maybe its just me.

Still a really good story none the less.

I've been working on Chapter 15 ever since I released Chapter 14. It requires a little more work, I have to proof read it, correct any mistakes and usually rewrite a few sentences, then read it aloud to friends to make sure it sounds correct. It should be released in.. Actually, I might have it released in two hours.

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-Chapter 15, Finale Chapter-

Ezreal awoke on the floor, looking around and rubbing his head.

"Damn.. My head.."
He said, standing up.

He let out a sigh as he looked around, seeing the prisoners have given up hope and accepted their fate. Ezreal, however, refused to believe that this was the end for him. He began working out and sleeping less, he would sit in his cell quietly all day, thinking to himself. One day, he walked up to the wall of his cell, and punched it as hard as he could, it chipped a little and hurt like Hell. His knuckles were bleeding and his hand felt broken, but it worked. There was a piece of stone on the floor. He used that rock to write, and each day, he'd write more. He'd studied the pattern of the Guards and he'd study the long hall-way his cell was in. He wrote underneath his bed so the guards couldn't see it. He eventually had a map of the hall way, and little dots to represent the guards and the time they'd have Ezreal in his sights. He continued to work out and plan to himself for days.

The Scouts hopped Tree to Tree for days, then reached Noxus. They scouted the area and leaped into an empty alley in Noxus. Two of them went into the Torture Chamber, while the lead went into the tower and climbed down the stairs. The Two scouts entered the Chamber and spent two hours looking for any hidden entrances, they found nothing. The Leader, however, discovered a long tunnel that looked abandoned. He walked through it for about ten minutes and reached a large door that was locked. This was no problem for him, he easily picked the lock and opened the door quietly and slowly then sneaked inside. He was shocked to see what he saw. A long hall-way of cells, each cell occupied by captured Demacian Soldiers, Travelers, Traders, and even monks. He walked through the hall-way while in stealth and saw Ezreal on his bed, doing sit-ups. He walked up to Ezreal and whispered;

"Hey, kid."

Ezreal looked up and got out of bed.

"Who's there..?"
He whispered.

"I'm a Demacian Scout sent to see if the Noxians are actually planning for war by capturing Soldiers.. Looks like it's true. Are you.. Uh.. Isreale? Or something?"
The Scout asked with a a quiet tone.

Ezreal nodded.
"Yes, I am EZREAL."
He said, correcting the Scout's mistake.

"Look, kid.. I'm going to write a report about this and bring it back to the Prince so he can declare war and hopefully rescue all of you. It'll take about a week, though.."
The Scout said.

Ezreal nodded,
He said.

The Scout then dashed back out of the door, into the tunnel, up the stairs, met up with the other Scouts, leaped over the City wall and began hopping trees back to Demacia. Two days later the Scouts reached Demacia and immediately ran into the Palace and saw Jarvan speaking with Shyvanna and Garen.

"Sir! We have proof that Noxus are holding prisoners in a hidden prison, and are planning to attack us when they've kidnapped enough soldiers. We must take action, and soon!"
Said the Scout leader.

Jarvan looked livid. He then ordered Garen to prepare the Dauntless Vanguard, and Shyvanna to round up all remaining troops and prepare them for war. After hours of preparation, the Dauntless Vanguard were sent to Noxus in-front of the Demacian Army. The Soldiers marched through the Marshes, Lee Sin, Master Yi and Wukong were even there, along with Ziggs and Heimerdinger. Shaco, however, remained neutral in this conflict. Lux was beside Garen, and Garen was leading the Armies to Noxus. The Scouts and a few other quick soldiers went to free as many prisoners as they could. Garen stopped and turned around to face his men.

"Soldiers! Sons and Daughters of Demacia! Heed my words! War is HERE! And our enemies do not expect us. We have the element of surprise! We will end this constant killing and violence between Demacia and Noxus. Charge!"
He yelled.

Garen swung his sword and pointed it towards the walls of Noxus. Soldiers roared as they charged towards the walls. Xin, Garen, Jarvan, Shyvanna, and Lux charged along with them.

"Demacian Soldiers! Ring the War Bell!"
Yelled a Noxian Sentry.

Alarms and Bells roared in the distance, the gates opened and Noxian soldiers charged into the Demacians.

The Scouts easily assassinated the Guards and stole the keys to the cells. The first one they freed was Ezreal.

He said, dashing outside to join the fight.

The Scouts began unlocking all the cells and the Soldiers cheered and stole Noxian armor and joined Ezreal.

"Ezreal, my boy!"
Yelled Heimerdinger as he saw Ezreal run out of the Spire.

Ezreal walked up to Heimerdinger and was handed his Pulse Fire suit, Ezreal quickly equipped it. He joined in the main battle and began firing. Cries of pain and victory filled the air for almost two days. Then.. it was silent. Bodies littered the ground, Demacian and Noxian alike. Blood was spilled everywhere, shattered armor and broken weapons were everywhere. There were few Survivors.

Ezreal stood up, barley. He looked around, horrified by the field. He marched through the blood stained ground, looking for any survivors. Lux was barley standing when she was spotted by Ezreal.

Ezreal shouted.

He dashed to her and held her in his arms. She was covered in blood and was barley alive.

"Don't worry.. I'm going to fix you.. You'll be okay.."
He said, fighting back tears.

Garen then spotted them and tried to reach them, only to collapse and pick himself up again. He was terrified when he saw Lux's condition. He picked her up and helped Ezreal stand.

"Don't worry, sister. You're going to be okay.."
He said, cradling her.

Jarvan slowly walked over to them, his armor scratched and battered, he did not speak. Shyvanna shortly joined them, she remained silent as well. After finding all the Demacian survivors, they headed back to Demacia. Seventeen Soldiers, Lee Sin, Master Yi and Heimerdinger survived along with the others. The march back was silent and sad. Once they reached Demacia, they put Lux and all wounded in the Hospital. The only ones who didn't join them were Heimerdinger, Lee Sin and Ezreal.

"Heimerdinger.. I'm sorry about the loss of Ziggs.."
Said Ezreal.

Heimerdinger sighed,
"It's.. It's too terrible to mention.. Keep the armor.. I'm going to go."
He said, leaving.

Lee Sin walked up to Ezreal.
"We have lost.. Many friends, Ezreal.. Including Wukong.. Who will never be forgotten. No one.. Will be forgotten. I will stay here until Yi is fully healed.. But we'll be leaving right after."
He said, walking into the Hospital.

Ezreal climbed a hill, looking out into the distance. He knew that Swain and Talon were still alive, he didn't seem them during the battle. Just knowing they were still alive drove him insane, but he survived.. He lived the next day, and the next. He spent all day just looking out to the distance...

~Four months Later~

Ezreal stood there.. Looking down, no emotions on his face. Garen slowly approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You can't just stand here forever, Ezreal.."
He said, sighing.

Ezreal said nothing. Garen saw it was pointless to try to convince him to come home. Ezreal shook his head.

"I'm sorry for meeting you. I never should of left my house that day. But.. You might of never made it back home if I didn't.. So.. Was it good or bad that we met? I don't know the answer to that.. Heh. It's funny. I always thought that my life was going to be boring and empty for a long time. Then I met you, and you made it not so boring.. I'm going to miss you... I.. I bought this the same day I was kidnapped by Noxians.. I thought I was going to be able to use it.. I guess not.."
Ezreal said, kneeling.

He placed something on the ground.

"Well.. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
He said, walking away.

Ezreal walked away, he had just placed a wedding ring on a grave. The Tombstone read: "R.I.P Luxanna Crownguard" and other things below it. Ezreal exits the cemetery and walks home. He enters the house and pictures Garen and himself at the table and Lux at the stove. But all he saw was an empty table and cold stove. He saw Garen walk out of his room.

"It's my fault.."
Ezreal said.

Garen frowned.

"I should of never left my house that day."
He continued.

Garen said nothing, all he did was wipe a tear from his face and go back into his room.

Ezreal went into Lux's room and stared out of the window.

"You're gone.. So why am I still here..?"
Ezreal said.

So there you have it. The story of Ezreal, Lux, and Garen. It was a bold story. Every story has a hero, and ever hero makes sacrifices.. Ezreal never moved on, actually. He lived his life, visiting Lux's grave every day and training. Garen continued his daily routine, work out, train his troops, ate, then sleep.
Nothing was the same, Jarvan knew that Swain would return, but it was a time of peace, and he didn't let the thought ruin his days.

Ezreal soon left Demacia and soon met up with Lee Sin and Master Yi. He spent the rest of his life with the two, training and having fun with his new family. Every month he'd visit Demacia for a day, then return to Lee Sin and Yi.

Would Ezreal and Lux have a good life if Ezreal was able to ask the question he wanted to? No one knows.. And with that, the tale ends.. Thank you for reading..

-End of Chapter 15-

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Well guys, that's the last of the Chapters for The Explorer and Love! I really hoped you guys enjoyed it! And remember, this is all fan fiction, this is MY world of LoL, and how I would picture it. Leave comments on what you thought. Also, I will be releasing the first Chapter of my Lee Sin Story soon, but it'll only contain Five chapters, it's a short story. Thank you all for reading!

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Footie 117



Thanks for writing it i was not dissapointed

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Aww, I feel so bad for Ezreal now. It was such a great story. Hope to see you make more fanfics!

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I love this! make more!

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oh my god, that was sad D: i cried......good story! so sad

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May i just say garen would probably excute any guy who went near his sister

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thought this would a fitting song for the end of the story.

If you do take requests for fanfiction I'll like you to do a JaycexCaitlyn one!

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"Noxians... I hate those guys..."