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The Explorer and Love (Ezreal and Lux)

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day 48 of bumping..

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Hey guys! Gnomey here! Sorry about the LONG wait, I'm working on Chapter 11 RIGHT NOW! I just got back from Vacation and forgot to mention I was leaving. Chapter 11 will be released in about one day. Thanks for Reading!

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-Chapter 11-

Months passed, and Ezreal & Garen didn't look like they were recovering. Lux stood over both her lover and brother and tears fell down here face, she had been visiting them each day for hours upon hours, missing all of her Summoner's Rift Matches. Before she left the room, she kissed Ezreal on the cheek, and Garen on the forehead. Lux slowly left the room, closing the door.

Ezreal begins sweating and breathing heavily, he clenches his chest as the runes on his body begin to glow brightly. He quickly shoots up and wipes sweat off his forehead. He looked around the room and saw Garen, still laying in his bed. Ezreal exits the door and almost collapses. He clenches the door so he doesn't fall.

"Oh man.. I'm in really bad shape.."
He said to himself, limping.

He tried to find the exit, but then it became incredibly dark, he looked around and then hears Lux scream. He dashes off to where he heard, but slowly for he is injured. He gets to a door and kicks it open, he sees a Lux doll on a bloody chair, he approaches it and grabs it, the doll then says,

"Why'd you leave me, Ezreal? I needed you.."

The Doll's eyes began to glow red and the door quickly closes. The blood begins to flood the room. Ezreal climbs up on the chair, but the blood quickly flooded the room and Ezreal swims for the door, but the closer he got to the door, the further away it got. He soon ran out of breath and he closed his eyes. He opens them again and sees a large Shark swimming towards him and preparing to eat him. The Shark opened its mouth and bit down.

Ezreal shot up in his bed, sweating. He looks around and sees Garen.

"Oh man.. What a disturbing dream... Where.. Am I..?"
He said, looking around.

"Is this the Hospital in Demacia..?"
He said to himself.

A Priest walked by the room, reading a paper then spots Ezreal, he drops the paper and runs it and pushes Ezreal back down.

"You need to rest! You shouldn't be up yet!"
The Priest said.

Ezreal clenched his wounds and looked at the priest. The Priest then began a healing session and said,

"This will only take a moment. After this, I'll let you stroll around the city, but only for a few hours! Then I need you back here for rest. You were injured pretty badly."
Said the priest.

Ezreal nodded as the priest healed him. After he was done, Ezreal was able to move again and the Priest moved on to heal Garen. Ezreal left the hospital and walked around Demacia, it hadn't change much. He approached a store and looked inside the window, seeing beautiful jewelry. He thought to himself for a moment, then entered the shop and ended up buying a necklace and a ring, he looked at the lady selling it and asked if she could wrap it up in a gift box, she did and she charged Ezreal and he paid then left. He looked around the city and continued walking around.

"Man.. How long was I out.."
He asked himself then shrugged. He then spotted the Academy and saw Lux sitting under a tree, reading a book.

She seemed so innocent and cute to Ezreal. He then sneaked behind the tree and picked a beautiful Rose, then held it out infront of Lux. It surprised her as she looked to her left to see Ezreal smiling and holding a Rose. She beamed and screamed with joy, quickly jumping up and hugging him tightly and then kissed him. Ezreal held out the Gift box to Lux and she opened it, smiling even more.

"Awww! Ez-zy! Thank you!"
She said, kissing him once more.

She put the Necklace on and slipped the ring on her finger and hugged Ezreal again. Ezreal hugged her back and didn't let go.

"I missed you, Lux.. I missed you.."
He said, hugging her tightly.

Lux had tears falling down her face, tears of joy of course.

"I missed you too Ezreal.. I thought you were going to d-"

"No.. I couldn't.. I couldn't leave you here alone.."
He said, cutting her off and kissing her.

Lux broke the hug, and pulled Ezreal to the ground so they could sit with each other, she placed her head on his shoulder and began reading her book, Ezreal put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, smiling. Everything had work out, not a care in the world, they both soon fell asleep next to each other.. They seemed so peaceful.

After hours of sleeping, Ezreal woke up in pain.

"Ah!... My.. chest.."
He yelled.

Lux woke up and gasped, looking at the blood leaking out of Ezreal's chest. She yells for the Guards and the Guards rush Ezreal to the hospital, and the Priest that healed him shook his head.

"I told you after about two hours to come back.. Let's get you back to your room."
He said, pushing Ezreal's stretcher to the room he was in before.

The priest places Ezreal on the bed next to Garen's and Ezreal's runes began to glow, the Priest didn't know what to do. He panicked and began to heal him and the Runes calm down and emit strange Blue gas, Ezreal passes out and Lux looks on in horror.

-End of Chapter 11-

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Holy god, how i missed this story x_x

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WSB Xero



I'll be amazed if Lux and/or Ezreal can go two chapters without being injured.

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I'm sorry to say this, but, due to changes in my Schedule I will not have the time to make as many chapters as I hoped I could. The last chapter will be 15, but will have two parts, and all the chapters from here on out will be much longer, but don't worry, after this Story I plan on making many more! Thank you all for Reading.

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-Chapter 12-

Ezreal coughed heavily as the priests and clerics tried to heal him, his Runes kept glowing different colors.

"What are these Runes?!"
Yelled a Priest, trying to calm it down.

The Clerics shrugged, trying to help keep the runes blank, but nothing worked. Ezreal kept sweating and breathing heavily. After about an hour, they were able to calm Ezreal's fever down and he was fast asleep on the bed, Lux sitting in the chair next to the bed, holding his hand.

"Please be okay.."
She whispered into his ear, gently kissing his cheek.

She then left the room and walked out of the hospital. The next few weeks were quiet and peaceful, other than the fact small skirmishes held between Noxus and Demacia every few days.. One day, Heimerdinger entered Ezreal's room, he looked at Garen and Ezreal and sighed, he then placed a small steel chest next to Ezreal's bed, it said 'P.F.A.' on it. Heimerdinger then left the room. Soon after a Priest entered the room and woke Garen up. Garen opens his eyes slowly and looks around.

"Where am I...?"
He asked the priest.

The priest handed Garen his clothes,
"You're in Demacia. You were severely injured and you were brought here to heal. You're done now.. So you're free to leave."
He said, writing down on a piece of paper.

Garen didn't say much, he looked at Ezreal and frowned. Ezreal had a glowing aura around him and his runes were blinking constantly, he didn't ask if he was going to be alright. He got dressed and left the hospital. He walked slowly, trying to get used to moving again, to his home. He entered the house and saw Lux sitting at the table and a pot cooking. She looked sad. Garen walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She jumped and turned around, smiling. She then tackle-hugged Garen.

"Garen! You're awake!"
She said, hugging tightly.

Garen smiled and patted her on the head, hugging her back. They both stood up and Lux handed Garen some soup. Garen took it and sat down to eat, Lux then went back to sitting and eyed Garen.

"So.. Did anyone say when Ezreal was going to wake up?"
She asked, playing with her soup.

Garen shook his head and frowned,
"I didn't ask.. But he's in serious condition. I don't know what will happen to him.."
He said, eating his soup.

Lux frowned, not eating. A tear fell down her cheek, but Garen pretended not to notice. He didn't want to go through much. He was starving.. After they both ate, Lux cleaned up and Garen went out to the store for more food. A while passed, Garen slowly got used to his moving once more, he worked out for two hours every 4 hours each day. This cycle continued for a while. Lux and Garen would check on Ezreal everyday, and Lux would sit in the chair next to him for hours. Hope slowly died as the Priests didn't know what to do.

Lux was cooking dinner when Garen bursts into the house and exclaims,
"He's awake!"

Lux dropped everything and ran outside to see Ezreal slowly walking, he was carrying the box left by Heimerdinger. He stumbled and Garen lifted him up.

"Heh.. I can walk myself.."
Ezreal said, chuckling.

Garen smirked,
"Yeah, well, you were out longer than I was and it took me a while to get used to walking. Best to be safe."
He said. Setting him down infront of Lux.

Lux immediately hugged Ezreal tightly, smothering him in kisses. Ezreal did the same, holding her close. Lux wiped a tear from her eye.

"I was afraid I lost you."
She said.

Ezreal smirked.

"I already told you, I'll never leave you."
He said, walking inside and sitting down at the table.

Garen soon sat down next to him and Lux cooked dinner while the two talked of training and war. Lux then placed plates down, it was beef, chicken, rice, and soup. She smiled.

"Eat up!"
She said, sitting next to Ezreal, kissing him.

They all ate dinner, and Ezreal told them about the terrible nightmares he had while in the hospital, Garen listened intently..

"Strange.. I had similar nightmares.."
He said, wiping his mouth with a napkin.

Ezreal asked, Garen nodded.

"Damn.. I'm just glad I'm out of there.. It's good to see you two again.. And it sure is good to be alive."
He said, they all laughed.

Before bed, Garen and Ezreal exercised and Garen helped Ezreal get used to walking. Ezreal entered Lux's room and saw Lux was in a very appealing dress, it was black and small, she turned and blushed, covering herself with the cover. Ezreal blushed as well and looked away.

"Oh! Sorry.. I thought.. I'm sorry!"
He said, biting his lip.

Lux looked at him.
"There's a thing called knocking! You should try it!"
She scolded.

Ezreal looked down and apologized, Lux then giggled and wrapped him in a hug, kissing him.

"I'm kidding! I bought this dress just for you! I wanted to show you a good time after such a terrible few months.."
She said, pulling him towards the bed and laying him down.

Ezreal smiled.
"Luxanna.. I.. I love you."
He said.

Lux smiled, then kissed him on the lips.
"Good! Now I can show you how much I love you.."
She said hugging him.

THE NEEEEEEXT MORNING.. Nothing happened that night. No one has any proof...
Ezreal awoke in the bed, rubbing his eyes. He sits up and notices his clothes on the floor. He smiles, remembering last night. He got dressed and walked in the Kitchen. He saw Garen sitting at the table and Lux cooking break-feast. He walked to the table and sat down, Lux turned around.

"Well, good morning sleepy head!"
She said, giggling.

"Morning Lux! Morning Garen!"
Ezreal said, leaning back in his chair.

Lux placed break-feast down infront of them, kissing Ezreal. Garen smiled, nodding, he was happy to see his sister so happy.

"Hey.. Next time you enjoy yourselves, mind keeping it down? You kept me up all night last night!"
Garen said, laughing.

Lux and Ezreal blushed while smiling. They all ate break-feast, discussing Summoner's Rift and such. Soon, the topic was changed to the friends Ezreal made.

"Well.. There's a lot. There's Lee Sin, a Blind Monk who saved my life multiple times.. Then there's Wukong, a big monkey guy who's actually pretty cool. Then there's Yi.. He's not too bad, though he doesn't seem too bright. Then there's Shaco.. Or was it Baco..?"
Ezreal said, shrugging.

"Anyway, he's a pretty kind Clown.. Though people say he's crazy. He saved my life actually.. He stopped Darius and Talon from finding me in the forest. Then there's the two Yordles, Heimerdinger and Ziggs, they're the ones who made the awesome armor I was wearing that day."
He finished.

Garen rubbed his chin.

"You've made a lot of Friends.. Monks from Ionia, a Demon Jester from.. I don't know. And two revered Inventors from Bandle City.. Or Piltover. I don't know.."
He said, laughing.

Ezreal smirked. They soon all left and spent the day together. Garen then left Lux and Ezreal by themselves and went off to train with the Dauntless Vanguard. Lux and Ezreal sat underneath a tree, making out and telling stories. This continued for days.. There wasn't much going on. But one day, Ezreal ran into Ziggs and Heimerdinger outside the gates of Demacia.

"Ezreal boy! I need your help!"
Yelled Heimerdinger.

Ezreal raised an eyebrow.

"With what?"
He asked.

Ziggs pointed to a man with a large shotgun walking over the hill. He stopped and eyed the three, spitting.

"That man is trying to kill us! For some short of bounty!"
Said Ziggs, juggling bombs.

Ezreal sighed and walked up to the man.

"Hey, would you leave my friends alone? Before you cause problems."
Ezreal said, glaring angrily at the man.

The man laughed.

"Look, little kid. I don't know who you think you are, but I'm here for a reason. There's a heavy bounty on those two inventors. And I want the reward."
He said.

Ezreal snarled.
"Who put this bounty on them?"
He snapped.

The man simply said, "Noxus.".

Ezreal sighed.
"Really?! Look. There's guards all around this place. If you try to attack one of them, you'll be facing the Demacian Guard. So I suggest you go back to your Noxian friends and tell them you couldn't manage to find them!"
He yelled.

The man punched Ezreal, sending him down the hill. Ezreal quickly got back up and the man laughed.

"You're a little pest, y'know that? Fine. Keep your little Inventors. I'll just let Noxus take them by themselves."
He said, looking nervously around and eyeing the Soldiers. He began to slowly walk away.

Ziggs and Heimerdinger helped Ezreal up.

"Thank you, Ezreal! Thank you!"
Heimerdinger said.

Ezreal nodded.

"Man.. That guy is a jerk.. Working for Noxus. I better tell Garen about this.. This might be serious."
He said, heading back into Demacia.

Who is this strange man that wanted Heimerdinger and Ziggs? Is his threat serious or just a bluff? Find out next time!

-End of Chapter 12-

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Chapter 13 is on its way! c:
Considering I'm working on "The Way of the Dragon: A Blind Monk's Story" right now, the chapters might be a little slow. Thank you all for your comments and love! After this story is done, I'll be making a lot more!