3 bot quit?

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Just played a game where our xin zhao got mad at there being 3 players bot and then just sat on platform and did nothing for the rest of the game.

Anyone else get annoyed at those people who just go "You didn't do what I wanted you to. So now I'm going to screw all of you over."?

IMO even if things don't work the way you plan, at least try to make an effort, because there's always a chance to turn it around. I've seen a game where blue team was 50 and purple was 375 and blue managed to come around and win the game.

Sorry about bringing up another one of these threads, but I want to know how many others have this experience and your opinions on it.

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Players not knowing when they should be bot is a big problem in dominion.

Players not knowing when OTHER players are in bot when they should be is also a problem. xP

There's always going to be ragers/afkers, just report em after the game and work on getting out of the short-bus elo. ^^