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Die Mainacht



As written in Urban Dictionary:

(also written as "head canon" but it's really one word.)

An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the reader themselves or the fandom in general. If it is confirmed by the author of the story, it becomes canon.

Headcanons can be anything from a champion's favorite food to the myth of Jinx's sister. I think they're really fun, so why don't we share 'em?

Mine tend to be on the more lighthearted/dumb side:
  • The reason Diana has no friends is because nobody wants to hear her terrible jokes
  • Fiddlesticks, Shaco, and Nocturne share an apartment together. It's usually pretty okay but sometimes the crows get a little overwhelming. The jack-in-the-boxes don't help either.
  • Though not mentioned in the lore, Jinx and Ziggs get along really well.
  • When they're not busy, champions are able to watch League matches on large, hextech screens in the way we watch the LCS.

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Foolish Lantern



Veigar is not furry.

Creatures of the Void have no explicit hierarchy and are mostly concerned with eating whatever they can get their claws/tentacles on. Hence, they do not intentionally invade Runterra, more like accidentally wandering into it instead.

Rengar is the result of magical fallout from previous Rune Wars.

Originally Posted by Die Mainacht View Post
  • When they're not busy, champions are able to watch League matches on large, hextech screens in the way we watch the LCS.
I think this is hilariously awesome, and should be actual canon. The lore has been drifting away from the importance of the Institute of War anyway.

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Swain has never lost a battle and could probably defeat Demacia if it wasn't for the Institute of War.

Wukong has started to overtake Master Yi in Wuju. Master Yi is very proud.

Viktor is not as crazy as he used to be (robots can mature too), but Jayce continues to challenge him because Jayce is a d-bag. A charming d-bag with good intentions, but still a d-bag.

Blitzcrank still hangs out with Viktor when time permits. Cute father/son relationship.

Malzahar is hostile to most, but he treats Kog'maw, Kha'zix, and Cho'gath (and Vel'koz and any other Void champion that ends up on this world) in a loving way.

Shen, Kennen, and Akali work as a Doctors Without Borders sort of group...when their not busy chasing down Zed. In fact, they bring their entire Kinkou clan along (for both situations).

Jax is the product of some dark experiment of former High Councillor Reginald Ashram. This is why Ashram just lets Jax in no questions asked.

Aatrox joined the League for many reasons. He likes fighting. He despises destructive magic and fears the Institute of War will try to take over Valoran like the Magelords before them. And he wants his damn Bloodthirster (the REAL one, locked up somewhere in some vault) back.

By now, Karma has forgiven Riven for her actions. Yi sort of has. Irelia still loathes her. Yasuo wants to kill her for revenge. Varus wants to make her die painfully and slowly...but Varus wants to do this to all Noxians, so that's nothing too special.

Vayne continues to plot against the League, but things are going slowly because Riot is dumb and doesn't want to progress the lore.

Mordekaiser has a secret crush on Sona.

Teemo and Rumble both have a crush on Tristana, but Tristana doesn't give a ****.

Darius and Garen are actually sort of tired of the fighting and bloodshed, but they keep up the facade of strength for the sake of honor.

Swain does hate Prince Jarvan, but it doesn't cloud his judgment during battle. Jarvan, on the other hand, hates Swain with a passion, but he is also learning to control his anger. They often lead their Noxian or Demacian teammates and give orders when fighting on the Field of Justice.

Ashe and Sejuani used to be very close sisters, but then dad and mom died and everything fell apart blah blah blah...

Singed has since helped his mentor Warwick recover from the slow descent into madness. Warwick is now permanently a wolf-thingy, but hey, he's still pretty good at chemistry and magic.

Will continue updating as I think of more.

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Guiding Light (Riven/Lux fanfiction)

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The Darkin are representations of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in-game (maybe following the same logic, but up'd to 11, that Darksiders does).

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Originally Posted by Die Mainacht View Post
As written in Urban Dictionary:[*]When they're not busy, champions are able to watch League matches on large, hextech screens in the way we watch the LCS.[/LIST]
Just like Foolish Latern I agree with this viewpoint. I always kinda imagined that the champs do sit around watching matches on screens spread across the Institute including their rooms.

Here are my headcanons:
- Karma acts as the de-facto voice and will of the Elders within the League for other Ionian champions.

- Irelia has forgiven Riven, which has led to Karma encouraging a friendship btw the two. Karma sees Riven as a chess piece to use by making the Exile a pariah for those in Noxus who do not agree with current leadership, thus, creating social upheaval and factions within Noxus to weaken the city-state.

- Nasus acts as the League's co-Curator(as a pass time) for their own library applying his skills in helping organize and maintain the place. He regularly talks with Kayle about her sister, Morgana, and hopes to see those two reconcile.

- As for Renekton, Nasus visits his brother weekly who remains in confinement. Nasus talks and/or reads to Renekton even though his brother likely sits there chained up screaming bloody-murder at him. Nasus is patience as really cares for his bro...

- Morgana's bakery ordeal is due to the League suggesting an outlet for her anger, which caused her to recall childhood memories of her mother's baking for her and her sister long before the civil-strife split their relationship apart.

- Swain is only a champion of the League in title only as he hasn't been available to summon ever since his rise to head of the Noxus' leadership. Though he does show up for important League matches btw his city-state and Demacia it is only a formality and the summoners know not to choose him.

- Karma has taken a neutral stance on Zed's actions against the Kinkou due to Shen's group performing assassinations and missions according to their so-called, 'balance'. Therefore, Ionia only desires a strong ninja clan that can help protect them should Noxus be able to invade again.

- Kog'maw due to his childish behavior is allowed by the League to hang around in a section of the gardens where he chases butterflies and gazes at clouds. On occasion he is visited by Lux or "shiny-lady", as he has come to affectionately call her. Ezrael has been seen accompanying her sometimes leading to Kog'maw slobbering all over him. Lux says its because Kog'maw likes him.

- Rengar and Nidalee regularly psuedo-hunt each other to test their skills... among other things

- Pentakill on certain holidays does special performances for just the champions and summoners.

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Die Mainacht



Originally Posted by Lyger101 View Post
- Nasus acts as the League's co-Curator(as a pass time) for their own library applying his skills in helping organize and maintain the place. He regularly talks with Kayle about her sister, Morgana, and hopes to see those two reconcile.

- As for Renekton, Nasus visits his brother weekly who remains in confinement. Nasus talks and/or reads to Renekton even though his brother likely sits there chained up screaming bloody-murder at him. Nasus is patience as really cares for his bro...
Awww. I really like the idea of Nasus being a kind of wiser, benevolent champ. I could see it, too.

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Some odd bits and bobs of made-up lore my friends and I believe or discuss. We all have a lot of free time so they can get surprisingly detailed, especially the more serious ones.

* Sejuani treats Ashe like a kid sister she doesn't like. She'll take any excuse to beat the **** out of her, steal her toys, and frustrate her, but if it ever comes down to a matter of life and death, Sej will probably stick up for Ashe. Ashe would likely stick up for Sej as well, wanting her as an ally and friend, not a corpse. Lissandra is trying to completely sever this 'bond' so that she can commence with the killing without being ganged up on.

* Leona and Diana used to date before Diana went heretical and Leona became the Chosen of the Sun. They still care for each other personally despite their opposite beliefs and don't really enjoy fighting each other.

* If they ever met, Shyvana, Darius, and Sejuani would become best friends over two hours, several pints of Graggy Ice, and a good barfight, much to the disapproval of almost everyone they know.

* Morgana regularly gets summoned for matches while in the middle of baking, which is why she burns so many of her cookies.

* Syndra's fondness for dark magic, expendable minions, and floating things have led to her having a crush on an oblivious Malzahar. She sometimes steals his voidlings when he's not looking.

* Gragas, despite appearances, is a business genius who has a near-monopoly on alcoholic beverages, making him incredibly wealthy and influential throughout the world.

* Riven isn't really all that repentant for anything she did, or even a nice person, she's just upset and disgusted that Noxus would resort to Zaun 'trickery' to win fights rather than good old Noxian strength of arms. Her angst comes from being unable to stop this from happening.

* Veigar really is a horrible, unrepentant evil monster... by Yordle standards. By human standards he's just a funny Saturday Morning cartoon villain. This difference in cultural standards of evil means he's very confused at why people are laughing at him.

* LeBlanc is actually two people, Emilia LeBlanc and Evaine. LeBlanc has a long history of possessing her 'successors,' but kept Evaine's spirit around (likely in her staff) because she loves her, either as a very good friend or possible romantic interest. This is why she always has her staff with her, and why she dances with it like it were a second person. This is also why the Summoners failed to read her properly in her Judgement; they were looking at Evaine rather than LeBlanc.

* Vayne and Lucian, despite doing more or less the same thing the same way, don't really like each other very much because Vayne has little in the way of social skills.

* Soraka is a shy, reclusive creature who doesn't 'get' mortals at all and doesn't want to be involved in anything if she doesn't have to be, but since getting exposed to the world feels compelled to help right the wrongs mortals inflict on each other. Despite it being the same thing that got her in trouble in the first place, she vents her frustration with mortals in League matches.

* Jayce is a smug, arrogant jerk who is respected, but not liked, by most of Piltover, whereas Viktor is a well-meaning but misguided researcher who is both liked and respected by Zaun. Jayce continues to pick fights with Viktor not because he thinks Viktor is a danger to Piltover but because he's envious of Viktor's scientific success, his cult following, and the affection (such as is possible for Zaun, anyway) of the city he lives in, all things Jayce wants but doesn't have.

* Lux is a broken, empty person whose entire happy cheerful schtick is either her trying way too hard to put up appearances, or a sign she's close to a psychotic episode. Ezreal is the only person she's ever been remotely close to on an emotional level and one of the few things grounding her to reality.

Edit: Some new stuff.

* Kayle would be considered the hottest female champion in the League if anybody knew what she looked like under her armor and robes, but nobody has ever seen her even partially uncovered. The topic of what Kayle actually looks like has become such a source of debate among male champions that her room is among the most heavily warded places in the Institute to stop people from stealthing or teleporting in, not to mention blocking unauthorized uses of Clairvoyance. Morgana encourages these attempts anyway just to piss Kayle off.

* Shyvana's armor originally covered most of her body, but only the metal parts have stood up to repeated uses of Burnout. Burnt shreds and strips of the leather that used to cover her torso and legs can still be seen.

* Despite skins not normally being canon lore, Jarvan IV's Dragonslayer armor really does exist. It's made out of the dragon that killed Shyvana's father, who was in turn killed by Jarvan and Shyvana. He doesn't wear it normally because he knows it brings back bad memories for Shyv.

* The real Baron Nashor is an ancient Void monster that got stranded on Runeterra thousands of years ago and had adapted to life there. When Summoner's Rift was constructed, the energies of the two Nexus crystals placed there allowed him to open a portal back to the Void so he could return home.

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Hmm... my favorite one is probably:

Orianna is actually the "Ball" and the champion we know as Orianna is actually the one protecting the true Orianna...

Which explains why the Ball can't be hurt.

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The Father of Chaos

Runeterra is actually the source of chaos in this universe and the Nexus' are locks set in place to keep this monstrosity in statis. Hence why everytime Rune Magic is called upon is drains the Nexus' and results in rather ... unique feedback from the planet.

Examples include the black sludge devouring everything, even the ocean water, and is what turned Nautilus into the abomination he is today. As well as the rain of fire during either the Fourth or Fifth Rune War. This also explains why the Shurimaians were hell-bent on sealing Xerath, who was intentionally draining the Nexuses of their power, because they knew that depowering the Nexuses would destroy civilization as they knew it.

It also explains why Cho'Gath is simply amused at watching the League do their work for it. It doesn't even have to lift a finger, we'll destroy ourselves by over-indulging in Rune Magic. Kog'Maw also says Daddy is coming and Riot has stated that its Daddy is way to large to fit on a map.
The First Rune War
The Shadow Isles is actually a direct response from the natural denizens of the planet to combat the Voidborn threat during the First Rune War and the first line of literal Inhibitors are born. However, with the Voidborn driven from the planet they went into slumber and are only recently awakening due to the sudden appearance of those such as Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw. The Shadow Isles became monsters to fight monsters via Ethwahls and turned into undead abominations via the full power of Rune Magic.
Demacia's Anti Mage Policy and why Planer-Summoning is banned
Demacia harbors an intense hatred for mages and summoners as well as having the iron discipline due to disastrous results of the Second Rune War. Pre-Demacia's army was invading the Freljord and encountered the natural denizens such as the Urisine (Volibear's tribe) as well as Pre-Noxus' army. However, the summoner's division of Demacia went against orders and preformed an extra-planer summoning and brought the Frozen Watchers (second wave of Voidborn) into Runeterra and resulted in the Freljod turning into a tundra wasteland and pre-Demacia's army getting slaughtered and forced to retreat.

This explains why Demacia has only one mage champion in their League roster, one that was practically sent on suicide runs such as spying on the heart of the Noxus High-Command and the like as if they wanted to kill her off but unable to. Why you ask? Because she is Garen's sister, the man that saved the Crowned Prince of Demacia and could have possibly begged to let them spare his beloved sister from execution of being a mage.
The Born Races
There is an interesting phrase that I wanted to coin for many of Runeterra's more unique inhibitants. Those include the original Shadow Isle Inhibitants such as Mordekaiser, Evelynn, Jax, Nocturne, etc. being referred to as Soulborn. While the Void creatures are called Voidborn. Shyvana and her scaled kin would be known as Dragonborn. Volibear and the Urisine are the Thunderborn. Lissandra, of course, is already known as Iceborn and more are assumed to be lurking in the Freljord.
The Ethwahls
I believe that this weapons are actually imprisoned Voidborn by Mordekaiser prior to and during the events of the First Rune War. Due to the nature of Voidborn being nigh-indestructible and would only be forced into an incorporeal form after finally being slain the King of Murder found a method to harness souls.

The wielder and the Ethwahl would then enter a pact, the user would see to the Voidborn's need for carnage and war and in return gain immense power. However, a will of iron was needed to properly use an Ethwahl as the overpowering influence of the Voidborn could corrupt those of the faint of heart. Examples include Aatrox and Brand, two humans that picked up an Ethwahl after the original wielder somehow perished or left the weapon behind. Varus is barely left exept because this Voidborn holds respect for its Warden (ala Jax), as seen in the Owl tattoos dotting Varus' chest.

Evelynn is also considered a Darkin but she is an original wielder, the reason(s) why she succumbed to the bloodlust are unknown. A possible theory that unlock the other Soulborn who went into slumber after the end of the First Rune War she remained active and without an active foe to fulfill the oath she slowly turned Darkin as she murdered the same people she was protecting.

There is a trait(s) that all Ethwahl users share: They have a unbreakable will, trained to fight against multiple foes due to the nature of a handful of warriors fighting thousands of Voidborn, as well as a strong desire to protect their homeland.

The current known Ethwahl wielders that share this trait are as follows:
Morderkaier, the Soulbreaker
Sona, The Maven of the Strings
Irelia, Captain of the Guard
Riven, the Wakener
Udyr, the Spirit Walker

Notable mentions include:
Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare
Jax, Grandmaster at Arms
Aatrox, the Darkin Blade
Brand, the Darkin Flame
Evelynn, the Darkin Claw
Varus, the Darkin Bow
Zed, the Darkin Shade
Sion, the Undead Champion
Master Lito, the Blade Dancer

Indepth explanations of many are covered in my First Rune War lore page. Udyr is covered in the Second Rune War due to his location being retconned to the Freljord.
I have not properly released Sion's indepth lore, as it is being saved for the Fifth Rune War lore page, but if you are curious you can look over my Champion Rework for the Dreadnought and read his redone lore for the general direction.

Sona's Father is still out there
This is a far-pitched theory but one that I hold very dear. Sona was born to one of the original Shadow Isles' inhabitants and a mother, one that I believe was murdered by a famous Widowmaker. In reponse the father brought her to Ionia, the only other land with such a wide-spread influence of Ethwahl users such as Master Lito's family, Jax's temple that Varus is now guarding, The Kinkou temple and the like.

Furthermore, Sona was spirited to Demacia before the Noxian invasion. The timeline as to when this happened isn't exact but it is eerily ironic that Sona was taken to Demacia, the exact opposite direction of the Noxian war machine in the only city-state and could match the Skull nation. Possibly as soon as Noxian High-Command was given the order to begin preparations to invade Ionia. Likely suspects that were involved in Sona's transfer were General Du Couteau, Singed and Sona's father.

The man himself, however, was one of the original warriors of the Shadow Isles that battled the Voidborn in the First Rune War and was granted pseudo immortality due to being turned into an undead with Rune Magic at its full power during this time as well as retaining sanity while in a life after death due to the Ethwahl walking the wielder through the steps having already experienced death.

At the apex of the Rune War this man came into conflict with Mordekaiser as the two butted heads on ideology on how to save the world. Morderkaiser believes that the entire populance of the world must be turned into Children of the Grave and fight the next Voidborn onslaught with a zerg mindset. While Sona's father believed that freedom could not be given, only earned and that Valoran should fight for their own future in the times to come. At the end of the struggle Sona's father utterly destroyed Morderkaiser's body and forced him to adopt a metal shell to anchor his soul while the Soulbreaker tore out one of two souls in Sona's father and sealing it in the Shadow Isles Nexus with the identity of Nocturne.

After losing practically half of himself he wandered Valoran, only making concealed appearances when events spiraled too far out of humanity's hands. He is also the one that came across Riven while she was wandering Southern Valoran, her garb and official art show her dressed for desert travel. He tracked Riven down after finding out that she is wielding an Ethwahl, although she is not an original wielder and has no blood ties with a user. After finding out her situation he properly tutored her on how to wield her Ethwahl, reforging the blade with pure willpower. As well as his philosophy of freedom and only fighting those that seek confrontation rather than mindless slaughter rubbed off on Riven and eventually spurred her to the League to prepare for the eventually revolution in Noxus.

I'm nicknaming Sona's Father as Quasi the Soul Seeker, or having some resemblance usually by possession of certain attributes, as he isn't whole after Nocturne was ripped from his body and placed in the Shadow Isles Nexus. He does, however, have several reasons to reveal himself to the League with the most important being the alarming rate of Voidborn reentering Runeterra after he and his kin made so many sacrifices to drive them off the planet. Others include a gathering of age-old legends, his daughter, Riven and reclaiming one of his souls in the form of Nocturne.
Morderkaiser is the unofficial leader of Noxus
Morderkaiser is known to control the underground network tunnels of Noxus, which have been shown to have more land than the above Skull-city as shown in the JoJ.

Additionally, Darkwill has necromatic powers and the only other necromancer that we know of is Morderkaiser who is rumored to be the first undead. Also, Sion's resurrection is dramatically different compared to Urgot's from Zaun. I believe that Darkwill struck a deal with Mordekaiser to bring back the former's most powerful solider and grant the power-hungry tyrant powers over the dead.

It also explains why Noxus invaded Ionia and Master Lito's untimely demise immediately before the invasion as well as Zelos (son of Lito and brother to Irelia) disappearance after leaving for Demacia. This also gives additional credit as to why Jax left his Ethwahl in Ionia with Varus as he went under cover at the league to monitor Cho'Gath. Mordekaiser is systematically hunting down the Ethwahl users that abandoned him and let the Shadow Isles be taken over by something far more sinister.
Lee Sin lit his and Varus' hometown on fire
While Varus directs his hatred towards Noxus, it was actually Lee Sin during his summoner days that destroyed Varus and Lee Sin's hometown.

In Lee Sin's lore he was annoyed with the slow progress that the League was teaching so on his free time the summoner would practice in his hometown. Unfortunately one of his spells would backfire and engulf his hometown in a wild inferno, only sparing Lee Sin because of his shield spell used on reflex.

He never forgave himself even though the League swept all matters concerning his backfired experiment under the rug. Lee Sin left the summoner's League and went to an Ionian monastery to train for the rest of his life until the day that Noxians occupied the southern half of Ionia. In retaliation Lee Sin lit himself ablaze in literal irony to his previous failure as he burned for weeks, if not months, until Noxus agreed to allow Ionia to have a League match to decide the issue. By the time Ionia won and Lee Sin's atoning fire was extinguished his eyes had already boiled out, earning him the title of Blind Monk.

During this time Varus chose to defend the temple over his hometown from the Noxian invasion and when he was finally able to return he only found that the village had been burned to the ground. Similar to Lee Sin's lore yes? Varus would then go on a rampage and slaughtered any Noxian stragglers and would direct the face of his fury towards Riven, the Noxian-poster girl of the invasion.

I fear the day that Varus learns the truth and demands that Lee Sin forfeits his life, as the Blind Monk would more than likely do it as a final act to relieve himself of guilt.

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