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The Backdoor ********s Looking For More Members

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We are The Backdoor ********s and are looking for more people to join us in backdooring the ******** of other team's bases in the least gay way possible. We can play great normally, but we could really use some backdoor champs like Twisted Fate, and Pantheon so we can live up to the name. We also are kind of short on players that tank... because nobody really likes tanking. Our clan is fun but we have no vent, (we are cheap so Xfire is what we use). We still manage with the cheap program as we find a way to kick people's asses with our fists!
Sign up at http://thebackdoor********s.webs.com[/COLOR] (http://thebackdoor********s.webs.com/)

"Backdooring people from behind "

The stars cover the word 'B-u-t-t-h-o-l-e' - read without the "-" for those who are complicated.

The link doesnt work since its censored but if you cant figure out that you need to replace the stars with the word b-u-t-t-h-o-l-e. Then i need to ask myself if i even want you in the clan. I mean come on. Its right there. Above this. In the explanation of the whole censoring issue.