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Team switch???

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I just played a game that really pissssed me off.... We went and picked our champions and at the loading screen where you see everyone, my team of 5 players had everyone connected and loading and there team of 5 players had 2 connecting and three not. Then one more came in before we launched... he connected as well. SO we knew it was going to be 5 on 3 (easy win right???). When the game launched, all of a sudden I WAS MOVED TO THE TEAM WITH THE THREE AND ONE OF THE THREE WAS MOVED TO MY SPOT ON THE TEAM OF FIVE.

Needless to say I was pissed and didnt even want to play because it is a guaranteed loss.... I waited till we lost because I didnt want to leave and have the mark... but come on... what is the criteria for someone to switch teams.... I am not a high level only 9 or 10 and I am not that good.... more losses than wins so far.... so tell me why I got jipped out of an easy win???? Is this a bug? Has this happened to others before? I am still mad about it.... I just want a reason, why me? Why not any of the other 4, why a switch at all.... I know haveing me on the losing team was no help at all... I could see it if I was a level 20+ or had like 50+ wins and no loses.... but come on.... I would be ranked a low player... and now I am lower stat wise because of this foolishness...

I would just like some clarification.... What if that was a team of friends playing together?? What if it took your friend you were on vent with trying to team up.... Is there a way you can switch sides after the loading screen??? It was just BS and I would like the reasoning...

Sorry to be bittching alot, but lets see it happen to you and see how you would feel... Im sure the guy who got jumped to the winning team was as happy as can be....