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Or you can play Garen. The good guy may not always win, but he does in that match up!

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ahahahahah just soooo funny to read this..... guys Darius is by far the worst designed character of the league imo, even worst than evelyn xd, if u think of his design he is MEANT to stack 1 other champ cz 4 stacks on more than 1 champ is just not happening, chase him a bit get the five stacks and ult him.... if some other low health champ happens to be stupid enough to be next to him he will be also ulted..... AND THATS IT. Now think a little about these point ill leave here in the post.

1.- He cant chase u be any means, just with ghost but that should not be considered cz he will have it again in like 5 minutes and will just be able to chase a must be killed champ of the other team if darius is smart and not a noob that insta bought him cz he thought he will finally get some kills out of his fascinating habilities XD.
2.- He will RUIN any actually good team. Im talking bout a team who will be playing ranked games and knows about setting up ganks and winning team fights, Darius is just worthless to any team composition.
3.- (and most important) He will probably KS the hell out of ur carries, and/or tanks, that most definitely will by all means need the gold more than this ''op'' champ.
4.- ANY and i mean ANY CC on him in a team fight and he is done for.

Could be going on with this joke character all day but im not going to. Just think about what i said in this post and laugh about darius as i do.

Theres no point mentioning that the one person who buys darius is to play solo games and try to ult as many people as possible, and THATS IT.