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Looking for 5premade, no vent.

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I am much better than my stats show, Ive just been having some bad luck lately, but if you play with me and you are good i promise i wont dissapoint.

Now here is what i want from my teammates.

Giving your team more kills is more important than how many you got. So if you are in a teamfight, and 2 of them start to run while they guy who initiated on their team is getting owned, don't waste spells on the guy who is about to die, you should rather chase (just don't die while chasing )

Play aggressivly vs bad players. So if you dominate a lane, don't just farm, stand behind their ranged creeps and f*** them up if they try to farm. In a game with pantheon vs sivir mid, i managed to bring her down to 17 creeps after 25min and bringing her score down to 0-9 while keeping her 6 levels lower. How? not by being good, but by being aggressive.
Now the reason i said "bad players" is because sometimes playing aggressivly wont work.

Ability to master 3 or more champions, by master i mean be REALLY good with them. I will show you my picks later.

Ability to stfu and play instead of harrassing your teammate for going 0-5. Annoying them wont work, try giving them some friendly tips instead of flaming. Now, if you say "You should tower hug more, rammus and teemo is a nasty mix." and he responds "Stfu noob." feel free to flame him as much as you want, but don't let it affect your gameplay, type while running back to the fountain or while neutral creeping. If you die while typing, don't type again unless it is something important like "mia" etc, just put the guys annoying you on ignore.

Going mid and dieing after 5min doesn't mean you failed, unless you saw how he died, i suggest you stfu and mind your own **** business, if you feel that he can't handle mid, politely ask him if you or someone else should take over.

The reason for this is because i am looking for players who are good, but don't talk ****.
I don't want some kid harassing his team for "sucking" although that team member has no chance, like tryndamere solo vs teemo.

I can't stress this enough, focus on giving tips and helping instead of flaming. If i see any unjustified flaming that person WILL be put on ignore permanently.

If i put you on ignore, it doesn't give you an excuse for feeding and/or going afk. It is just because i feel we would be better off not communicating.

I don't use vent unless i am with people i know irl and/or at a lan party.

Now when that has been said, here are my picks, in the order of my skill.


If you want me to play tanks, give me a heads up in the team chat because i rarely have my defensive runes equiped. And i refuse to pay more for this game. (No i am not greedy, i have payed 70 USD so far and i don't think i should pay any more unless i see some great content.)

Yeah, haters gonna hate. Feel free to use vent yourself, and i might even join, but don't expect me to talk much. Oh and if someone else is looking for this kind of player, feel free to become the team captain. Just don't be a ****** about it.

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while i feel the same way about the game, im going to say you are going to need vent to compete.
i understand that you *may* join, but wont talk much, but if i were going to have you play a 5v5 with me, i would need for you to at least hear.

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I'm game. Piaras. Level 16.