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My guide out of ELO hell. Just a runthrough of some tips.

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I'm sharing my personal experiences with this and tips that can help you get out of ELO hell. Obviously, I can't make you a better player, that comes with practice. But I can try to give advice on how to help get out of low ELO ranges that I was once in into moderate ranges. Obviously, I'm not silver league yet, but my ELO raised dramatically and I win about 90% of my games in solo queue.

- Learn how to play two champions of each role WELL in normal draft games.

Often times, getting out of ELO hell can mean to stop bickering about who gets top lane and just let everyone on your team play what they're best at while you can be very flexable. You'll find that they will feed less than they otherwise would in a lane they are not experienced with. And although support may seem like a terrible role for getting out of those ranges, if you get good with their abilities, they can set up and disengage fights very easily, potentially making or breaking the game.

Draft games because typically those games are more organized with team composition, and you want practice against real team comp for ranked games, as there is always pressure on everyone to create a normal team comp.

- Probably the best role to play is mid if you can get it.

Every position is viable if you're a good enough player, but mid and jungle especially are good, due to their reliablity to put pressure on both the bottom and top lanes by roaming there. That can turn a bad lane with bad players into a few kills for you and them catching up. The ELO is filled with players who don't call mia and people who don't watch wards on the minimap, so never underestimate the power of roaming.

Be sure to push your lane out in mid (using abilities and auto attacks to ensure the wave goes to their turret) before going to roam, ensuring that you miss out on very few creeps.

- Kill the Creeps

I've had many games where the enemy vayne gets 5/0 bot lane. Don't stress out too much. The games in ELO hell have players who go 5/0 but forget to kill the creeps, instead backing for better items to kill them again. If you can get 60 cs up on their 5/0 vayne, then you can burst her down pretty easily if she gets too close.

If you're being pushed, if you're pushing.

If the enemy is pushing the lane with auto attacks without a ward, they're asking to die (most commonly top lanes who start boots + 3 or cloth + 5 or dorans). Ask your jungle for help, sometimes they won't come up (don't rely on them) but sometimes, if they're smart, they will see the oportunity. Pretty much an auto-flash or auto-kill depending on the CC potential of your lane and the jungler.

If you're pushing, you better have wards to ensure jungle doesn't gank. A good thing about pushing with ward coverage though is the fact that most people can't cs for **** under turret at that ELO, allowing you to easily get ahead while being able to back at any time, since your wave is pushed out you will not lose a lot of cs.


Is worth about 2-3 kills. I've had countless games where I drop a pink ward at dragon, kill the ward, and proceed to solo dragon without any interuption. People underestimate it, don't be one of them. Often times, it isn't worth letting a turret die though. Don't sacrifice objectives to get dragon, it is almost always available (sadly).


Keep timers on dragon and baron respawn. Even if you think that's support's job, it's now your job too. Dragon respawns 6:00 after you kill it, type it in the chat after killing dragon and making sure you're safe from ganks. Baron respawns 7 minutes after death, and that one is also important to type. Making sure you have a defensive position on baron can make or break the game in late game.


You can be vayne for all I care, but if you're blaming support for lack of wards, you should be blaming everyone including you. Wards wins games. At that ELO especially, wards can allow you to not get caught, to catch people, and generally play better. If your support doesn't ward, pick up 5. I had a game when we were 5/15 with 4 turrets down, and I bought 12 wards as teemo and placed them around the map with shrooms in other smaller bushes. We proceeded to catch them out over and over, taking baron then the win. Because of wards.

Wards help your teammates with 0 map awareness suddenly not feed as hard as well. Just, buy some wards. I don't care what lane you are.

Team composition

- Since this is just getting out of very low ranges into adaquite ranges guide, all I'm going to say is make sure your team has enough CC. CC wins games.

If both Malzahar and Warwick are on a team, which happens occasionally, recommend that everyone get a QSS (Quicksilver Sash) at around 24 minutes, after they get their core items. In low elo games, you can't really guess who is going to be ulted by either of them, and it's nice knowing that two extremly powerful ults are now trashed just cuz you bought some MR. If your team remembers the active, it can easily win you the game. Also the MR helps against both malzahar's abilities and warwick's q (and potentially madreds damage, since madreds does magic damage. Just a bonus).

Focus the ad carry.

Good Luck and hope I helped at least one person!