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LF Toronto Based Team

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Junior Member


Hi there im currently looking for a serious toronto based team.
Why toronto because other than team practices it would be great
to chill with your teamates over a few lagers or what not.
Currently i have 2 accounts 1 messed up badly as most of you know
solo rank is ridiculous. Its mostly luck on getting a team where people actualy know how to play and not feed rage/quit etc. Currently stuck in Elo hell where in only way i can win is use a handful of champs i knw i can win 100%, still thats not fun.

I can play any role and im pretty sure im good.
My ingame name is Mezmerised/ or Abrupt Ending which im currently lvling
for rank team matches.
Add me if anyones intrested for a tryout etc.

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Junior Member


heyy starting a toronto based team add me on LOL its BashingTime