Support Proposed changes + Write up*

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These are just ideas that come up on the top of my head and by all means just from my game experience and games that i have watched. Please keep an open mind when you read these and ill hope to add more that i can't think of at the moment laters.. anyways..

Clairvoyance - Shorter CD
Since the CD nerf on CV most supports now take exhaust instead to go with flash. By all means exhaust is a very viable spell especially for a constant 2 v 2 duel but i find CV very useful but it is very unrewarding if you mispredict and CV the wrong area and have to wait 50 seconds to use another...

Mastery Scout , -5 gold on green and -10 gold on pink and maybe +5% area on CV
As far as i know this 5% is NOT useful whatsoever especially for a mastery. I have known greed or movefast to be better because honestly... it needs a buff... so ya... those are the proposed changes..