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What about Poopy-Pants Teemo?

Disgusting 6 42.86%
Wild 2 14.29%
Can't Wait 4 28.57%
Teemo is poopy enough already 1 7.14%
Teemo is a bug I love to squish 1 7.14%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 14 .

Poopy Pants Teemo Skin

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Timme Der Hoser



We need a new skin for Teemo.

I like SuperTeemo, but "Poopy-Pants Teemo" seems like a riot of an idea.

He can wear "pull-ups" and dump them when they are "full", so to speak.

Then they can lie there and an "aroma" wafts up from them instead of the usual circling mode.

When enemies step on them, of course the same effect occurs except perhaps the "explosion" would be a little more gross.

I think this would be REALLY FUN!

Any ideas?