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The Troll Bridge (thinking outloud)

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One of my favorite things in LoL is screwing around in custom games with my friends. Have troll games where everyone play's a support or everyone rolls with PD's. But usually in the end which ever team has the end game champs win, whatever.

Heres an idea for a custom map. Make the beginner tutorial map a custom map (it looks like a bridge) . then have the added effect of people that are knocked off of the bridge die.

I like the concept cause (in theory) it's not about damage but more about positioning and pushing people off the bridge. only problem is there arent that many champs with knock back/ knocking ppl through walls isn't easy. Also positioning would be difficult on the bridge.

so in order for this to be viable there would have to be knockback items created which would be way to much work. Also you would have to remove walls (or by level desgin have the bridge slowly deteriorating removing walls creating holes in the bridge) again way to much work.

But a truly trolly element would be able to push your friends off the bridge. :P oh a troll can dream

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Janna wins every time