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This game

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This game is good minus the new champ pwning everyone every new patch and the 3 year olds jumping on it, minus the horrible community were everyone is just 'the best' and an absolute king at the game even if they are terribly negative and a terrible player, they are still thee best and its your fault that they ran in by themselves into the enemy team while everoyne else is on the other side of the map. Then they start abusing everyone becuase they are terrible and look for someewhere to place the blame.
it really is a shame the majority of people on this game are rude ignorant spastic people who cant see past themselvesD;

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Uke Yordle

Senior Member


i feel ya man, ran into a instantlock lee sin jungle, i was Ez in mid, i was between the towers, he runs in and trys to fight a malzahar with half health without telling me, gets suppressed and dies, so he yells at me and i quote

"ez ...."
"wtf noob ez"
"why did u not back me up noob"

... its frustrating, if i ever solo i always, say GLHF in all chat to try and see if the game is gonna be dull, or if theres a spark somewhere on the enemy team.

best game: said glhf had a panth say to me Getting Laid Having Fruit .. he is now on my friends list

you just gotta dig for the diamonds in the rough when it comes to league is all