eSport Mastery Book Series

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Silver Zen

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Hey LoL Friends,

If anyone is interesting in developing their skills in a unique way check out my books. I have published a few that you may find interesting, helpful, and inspirational.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
-Henry Stanley Haskins

Here is a short list available on Amazon for instant download:
"Zen Gaming and the Art of Electronic Sports"
"eSport Mastery: Zen Techniques 1"
"eSport Mastery: Zen Techniques 2"
"eSport Mastery: Facing Demons"
"eSport Mastery: Mental Tactics"
"eSport Mastery: Internal Tactics" (will be released soon)

Lee Southard

excert from Level 1 of Inner Mechanics

Level 1
Mastering Adrenaline
If the blood rage is too strong and robust, calm it with balance and harmony.
-Xun Zi

Xunzi (Chinese: 荀子; pinyin: Xúnzǐ; Wade–Giles: Hsün Tzu, ca. 312–230 BC) was a Chinese Confucian philosopher who lived during the Warring States period and contributed to one of the Hundred Schools of Thought

The journey for inner-mechanics begins with steady hands.

Hold your hands up in front of your eyes. Hold them their perfectly still for thirty seconds.

While you hold them steady observe your breathing, heart rate, and any tingly sensations in your hands. Pay attention to how relaxed you are at this moment.

With steady and relaxed hands miss-clicks are made less frequently and control precision increases making movement and accuracy a breeze.

Keeping steady hands in intense combative situations is not an easy task even for professional eSporters as it requires a clear mind.

eSport games are known for triggering adrenaline rushes.

These adrenaline rushes are great for real-life danger in which your body needs the extra “jolt” of energy to survive.