Painful Origins (Rework)

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(This is my first ever story so enjoy and please leave comments, also i made it a bit vague at first so hang in there, P.S. it wont be a very long chapter and if you like it i will do more and reveal who it is)
Chapter 1: The Jailer
As he sat in the cell marking his uncountable days in the dark cell, he heard footsteps approaching from the hallway. The door creaked open as the jailer entered the room
"get on your feet yordle" he spat the last word with disgust.
The miserable yordle stood up silently
"come this way" the jailer said as he unlocked the iron cell door.

As the yordle followed the jailer he noticed a few things about him, such as the fact that he never seemed to wear anything nice. Also the jailer seemed to limp as he walked, suddenly the jailer and motioned to stop then the yordle surveyed the scene he saw a dark stone room filled with shackles, among other torture devices.
“You have a guest on the way” the jailer grinned “I know you will love meeting him” he said as he locked up the yordle in shackles.

The jailer left promptly afterward it felt like forever before the ‘guest’ arrived. The door swung open and walked in a cruel looking man. He had raven black hair with a roman nose coupled with a thin lipped mouth, he grinned at the yordle exposing sharpened teeth.
“Oh hello” the man said “I don’t believe we’ve met yet, let me introduce myself, I am Daroun” as he picked up a rugged leather whip examining it. The yordle didn’t reply, just staring at him with furious eyes,
“oh what’s the matter yordle, Miss your friends?” he laughed almost maniacally.

“you know I’ve never gotten to use this” He said holding the whip “on a yordle” Daroun moved in closer and tried lashing it laughing once again like a little child does with a new toy. Daroun transferred the yordle to another set of shackles with his back facing him, “are you ready for it!” he yelled. Then he started to lash the yordle on the back, not willing to give in the yordle grips the chains with his hands trying to not scream from the pain. “Trying to act tough I see?” he set the whip down and said “this is my favorite one of all” he picked up a strange rune with an ancient symbol on it.

He put the rune onto the yordle’s skin and he couldn’t hold it in anymore and he screamed in pain. Smoke came from where the rune touched his skin
“I think that’s good for now” Daroun said “Reath, take him back to his cell” the jailer entered and unshackled the yordle. “I will see you soon, yordle” Daroun whispered to him, then the jailer roughly escorted the yordle back to his cell and threw him in and locked the door.
End of Chapter 1