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which would you like?

I like the old HUD better, I want it back 322 63.64%
I like the new HUD better, I want to keep it like this 184 36.36%
Voters 506 .

would you like the old HUD back?

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I see alot of ppl referring to pro players and their high resolution and liking minimalized ui's etc. who the f#ck says the majority of the lol players are pro ?
the majority of the lol players are NOT pro, and usually play the game because its competitive and fun in a good mix. yes i agree, u should listen to pro's when it comes to balancing champs, etc. cuz the good ppl usually know what theyre talking about. but why should the majority of the players suffer from elitist jerks opinions regarding how they want the game to look ?

the community is larger than a top 25 ladder ranking list riot -.-