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Please, add more servers

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It seems like foreigners (Not all, but the majority that I play with) are like..Just Terrible at this game. I'm not saying I'm amazing, but I know what I am doing.

I don't see why Mexico can't have their own server. It just creates bad communication with the English speaking community.

And it also seems like Foreigners (Foreigners to America) don't seem to care if they win or not, so they really don't try. I'm not saying there isn't any trolls on the American side, believe me.

I just really wish they had their own server, so I could deal with mostly English speaking people.

And yeah, I just had another game where my team was 3/5 Mexicans, so technically this is a "Rage Post", but really, I mean....When it gets past like Midnight, or even 11 p.m. LoL isn't even fun anymore. I get a team full of foreign people the majority of the time.