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Bolthor (The Volcano Beast)

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Bolthor (The Volcanic Beast)
Since his brother Malphite was summoned across the cosmos
to the world of Runeterra Bolthor never stopped searching
him.One day he found a portal to the world of Runeterra
and he jumped in but he didnt find the world of Runeterra.
There was only volcanos and he had no chance to escape from
there.The portal who brought him there was gone.He lost
faith of getting out of there and he layed at the bottom
of the volcano.
Now after thirteen years he waked up more powerfull than ever
still searching his brother he is joining the league.
Damage - 47(+4.5/per level
Health - 520(+95/per level)
Mana - 415(+55/per level)
Move Speed - 290
Armor - 25(+3.25/per level
Spell Block - 28(+2.15/per level)
Health Regen - 8.25(+0.35/per level)
Mana Regen - 7.25(+0.35/per level)

Volcano strenght
When bolthor use an ability his armor and magic ressist
are increased.Stacks up to 3 times.


Bolthor makes little volcano on the ground that is slowing
enemies and dealing 55/65/75/85 magic damage

Volcano stuff
When volcano strenght gets maximum stacks Bolthor can use
volcano stuff.He is healing himself by 90/110/130/150.

Volcano prison
Bolthor throws the rocks from his body stunning an enemy
champion dealing 150/160/170/180 magic damage.

Volcano fury
Bolthor increases the lava in his body then he jumps on
an area (850 range) dealing 200/300/400 magic damage and
knocking enemies in the area back.

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Wrong forum bro.