Maestro Problems: Caused by large friend lists

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Jesse Perring and reaperman have a number of threads that have helped many resolve their Maestro problems.

LOL was running fine for me up until a couple days ago. Though my setup hadn't changed, Maestro was suddenly crashing on me. After trying many of the normal things (driver updates, firewall, antivirus, reinstall, etc.), I did some investigating and found that I could log in with a new account but not my normal account. Since I had recently added a large number of friends, I suspected that was it. It has now been confirmed by Riot:

Their fix for me is to use my "new" account. Unfortunately, this means that I won't be getting the XP bonus and IP bonus that I had paid for and earned. But perhaps this helps some of the frustrated users having issues with Maestro.

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I have maestro errors too...
But i dont have any friends in my list,tried with a diferent account,but no difference...I still have maestro error everytime when i need to pick a hero...
Can u help me?