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UI ?

Yes 0 0%
NO 5 83.33%
I don't care. 1 16.67%
Voters 6 .

New Ui

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I've been reading a lot of threads of people posting that the new ui sucks. I honestly think it is good. Ok given the fact that everyone says the text is blurry I admit it is blurry to me as well. But I think it looks very nice.

I mean these people I am sure just saying it sucks because of the text and are taking it way out of context. honestly though if they do make any of the text where it is not blurry anymore the ui would be great.

I am sure a lot of people are just saying the ui is total bs because of this and not given the consideration that the lvl up icon and little things actually do look better because in my opinion it looks way better.

So do you guy havn't a opinion in the matter think it is still a bad ui or think it would actually be good if they did make the text not as blurry. Please make this legit. And post your reasoning after voting and put if you put yes or no or I don't care.