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Help me improve my mindset

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At my Elo, either everyone wants to be the leader, nobody wants to be the leader, nobody wants to listen to advice and nobody wants to own up to any mistakes they make.

Their builds are optimal in their eyes, they're set in their habits and they refuse to stray from their preferences, as viable or nonviable as they may be.

Having a good game with a good score with a champion makes me think that I have potential with that champion. Through all the possible known micromanagement I can think of, I try my best to ward optimally, last hit the most, focus the correct targets at the right time, land my skill shots with epic precision and timing, and overall look like I know how to play.

Despite this, I always end up either losing, or just holding them off, retaining them while on the defensive. I don't know how to take an offensive stand against a lane enemy to the point where I feel like I can dominate/zone them so that they lose gold and experience. This mostly applies in Mid-Lane.

The only champion I can beat a good Brand with is Swain. Not Orianna, Kennen, or Malzahar. I tend to be really bad with FACEROLL champions like Fizz, Ahri, Olaf, (Not mid, jungle.), Warwick, Master Yi, Wukong, Tryndamere, Shyvana, and especially, Riven.

I'm generally awful at 1v1 melee situations, so I avoid jungling and top, though through some miraculous means, I may prevail. But more failure than success.

My win/loss gap is -200 or more. Every now and then, I'll make a stand about what champ I want to play, but due to repetitive failures, I am literally all over the place with my selection for role and champion. I am currently at exactly 1733 Normal wins, and I consider myself a mediocre player at best.

I need help pinpointing what I need to improve to stop being so mediocre.
Please don't troll. I sincerely seek any positive help, even if it is negative feedback.