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Win over Loss ratio?

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My average game: 1 Capable tryhard rager. 2 capable casuals 2 hopelessly outclassed.

Every win or loss I've had for the past 100 games has been a stomp fest.

The player composition on both teams is literally what I described above, it's basically identify those players early game and feed off them till your unstoppable. The laning phase is the only part of the game I enjoy anymore.

Normal draft follows the same rule but, with a meta team composition. I played one ranked game that took me a half hour to get into due to dodgers. I got griefed out of every role I wanted just for them to feed rage and afk.

Now I understand normals are for casual play I get that. but, lots of people seem to have fun engaging matches. Just what ratio do I need to get before that stops being my average game?

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You need a ranked team, and be at the top. It happens to even the best pro teams.