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BUG report- new patch- pantheon

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http://imgur.com/a/kUIrA (http://imgur.com/a/kUIrA)

let me start by saying that ive never really had a problem with the game, its run completely smooth for me up until this point. this was just kind of odd so im submitting this report, and i hope someone sees it.

first bug- i blocked someones attack with my passive as pantheon, and now i have this "blocked" text stuck with me the rest of the game. even when i die, block something else, its still there.

second bug- weird sh!t started happening- i was killed by teemo and was waiting to respawn. right when i did respawn, i was instantly killed by teemo again in my own spawn while he was halfway across the map. i had no idea what was going on and neither did anyone else. i wish i had the video for you.

dx diag attached.
someone please respond!

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Sam Is Whoa

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theres a page called bugs for this this is not that forum......