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Tweaking the stats on jungle mobs

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Twisted Treeline map has a number of problems. There are a few that would take a lot of work to fix but there are others that would be every easy number tweaks. The jungle mobs are twisted treeline are very troubling. They are ridiculousness strong early game as their base stats are higher than they were when the map was released due to some changes that happened when the 5v5 jungle was switched around. However, their stats do not scale well and this is allowing for high damage output champions that don't need to buy defense to take this camps out too quickly when the game reaches the 10 minute mark. The jungle creeps give a lot of gold, most notably dragon. Dragon's damage becomes pretty much negotiable in any fight after the 20 minute mark and his health remains so low compared to the damage scaling of characters that he can be taken out extremely quickly.

Jungle mobs need to have higher stat scaling and probably lowered base stats. Dragon needs to have higher base defense and needs higher scaling as well. If I dare sneak something more difficult in, he should have the debuff that the 5v5 dragon gives.