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Queue system needs major overhaul

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I've skimmed through some of the other threads and noticed that other are having similar frustrations with the queue system. (Not talking about ranked play...just regular)

Problem I'm having is that for the past several games, I've been matched up with noob players. Every. Stinking. Time.

It's frusterating and a waste of time. I go in, know how to play my champ and do a good job at it, but everyone else just doesn't know how to teamplay and fails miserably at their builds. No game can be won 1vs5. Even worse, no game can be won 1vs5 when the other 4 are feeding to the max!

The Queue system NEEDS an update. I recommend the following for debate and consideration:

First. Reset ALL wins/losses for equ-potential.

Second, rank each username with the following:
- having a better ration means that your a better player and allows you to match up with better players and play against better players.

2)Fuction versus Success.
- Have a selection of function at the beginning (ie Jungler, Tank, AD Carry) that you select and then the game rates you on how you did at your function.

- Simply put, without any offense intended, I can't communicate with those that don't speak the same language as me. I shouldn't have to be paired up for such an obvious loss.

Third, rate all the champion a certain number of points, giving the team a total sums of points to work with and build their team. Not every champ is equal. If a team selects four OP champs, then the fifth just might have to be Eve to balance the team strength.

Maybe this is a bit of a rant in the end, but SOMETHING has to be done. Three days of pathetic players is a real turn off and I'll bet many will lose interest in playing if it keeps up.

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HECK TO THE NO, first off just because someone may have a low ratio does not mean they are bad, it could be they had a teamate d/c a ton
secondly people may have to go out of their normal role because something is lacking which makes that inadaquete
third the language is not an obvious lost, ive won numerous games with ppl i dont understand, just learn other ways to communicate
fourth your point system is very much flawed in that having one teamate that is severely up or in that system the last person would likely wind up with a char they don't know how to play causing the entire team to loose.
Lastly you put a 3 and then you said third, lrn to write