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Punish Blatant Ward Placement

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Read this:

wow, obviously you read the post completely and answered all my concerns completely....

there is a counter to bad ward placement... it is knowledge, and pink ward/oracles elixir
3 hits is pretty fast to kill it. whats wrong with putting a ward next to you?
for one, it encourages not facechecking (which is something all new players should learn)
it encourages counterwarding (oracles? pink ward?)
It adds gameplay:
if the ward dies within 3 seconds of it placed down, what happened to the gameplay? its gone.
if the ward shows itself, and you fail to kill it, you still have knowledge of it
you still can use it to bait
you still can use it to distract
you still can use it to zone (seeing alistar up in a visible brush is pretty menacing)
you still can buy a pink ward/oracles to kill it later
you still can use the knowledge to plan which jungle gank plan works best (such as behind the tower, or through the river, and such and such)
your enemy can use it to plan accordingly (adding more strategy)
your enemy can use it to attack
your enemy can use it to secure kills (you cant run through that brush for safety anymore)
your enemy can use it to bait your oracle/pink ward

Supports already make many decisions in lane, due to:
very limited income
high laning influence
high lane responsibility

they normally do keep track of which wards will die soon and when
good supports have the skill to secure kills and constantly harass
good supports will be able to take advantage of their knowledge of enemy ward placement

Also, your idea does make oracle elixer and pink wards less efficient in lane
you are removing a part that adds gameplay, just so you can "punish" bad warding (which you should be doing if you know a ward is there)

personally, being able to adapt to a ward placed in your brush, adds more depth and game play simply because there is more transfer of knowledge, meaning the better people can make more plays, and the less good people can still make plays with this knowledge

your idea is pretty punishing for
good players: they probably have to face check more often now, due to near impossibility to not do it on brushes with enemies without wasting gold for short term knowledge exchange
new players: they will learn to use wards way way later, because face it, everyone used to face check, and now, there is less incentive
supports: they have been nerfed quite a bit, furthermore, support's main weapons are wards (most of the time), and it just means supports now have less items (due to wards being destroyed) and probably need more GP10 items, which just makes them less useful
Oracle elixer: whats the point of getting this item in lane, if you could destroy wards instantly? sure, one could say that for older wards, but still, it seems this item becomes less useful
Pink wards: again, whats the point, if it dies instantly? no point unless you know there is a ward there. else, just get a green ward

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