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Who has the best level 2 ganks?

Mundo! 7 7.95%
Nocturne! 7 7.95%
Shyvana! 1 1.14%
Alistar! 30 34.09%
Lee Sin! 43 48.86%
Voters 88 .

Best level 2 jungle ganks

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Pantheon mao and naut need to be there too...uhmm Rammus is ok but he's kinda hit or miss. Riven has an absurd amount of mobility early...Sejuani ganks are highly frustrating...there are alot of level 2 gankers; really the thing that has to be looked at when picking a jungle is how good their ability of being able to transition to lategame to be useful is.

Rammus doesn't really get powerful ganks until level 3, or after.

That said.. I'd say the "top 5" level 2 ganks are, in no particular order:

Udyr (Speed boost + Stun + Red Buff)
Shaco (Slow + Red buff)
Jarvan (Knock up + Red Buff)
Lee Sin (Red Buff + Slow + Gap closer)
Alistar (Knock up + Knock back)

If it was level 3 ganks, it would open it up a lot more.. A few to add to the list at level 3 would include:

Trundle (Speed boost + Pillar + Red Buff)
Rammus (Knockup + Taunt)
Nautilus (Stun/Pull + Slow)

Shyvana and Mundo are not very good gankers. They're tier 1 junglers for their speed, durability, and counter-jungling abilities.

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assuming that you have the same skill order as you would for clearing jungle i would say the top 5 are

trundle(i get pillar at 2 to invade)

noct maokai and naut wait for lvl 3
mundo isn't up because how i play trundle
rammus isn't up since no one plays him anymore
amumu doesnt do much damage or cc pre6
i hate pre6 shyvana ganks personally

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What about Sion's W and Mao's W?

Cho is good if he can land his q.

Rengar's lv2 gank can be tricky and totally situational. However, lv 2 gank will definitely bring down his jungle ability for the time being (until he got lv 3)

Personally, I would like to see a hard cc when ganking, like a stun (Sion's w) or snare (Mao's w)

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Whats about xin?