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The Legend Starts - [Out of Character Thread]

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Please Refer to this Topic (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2137858).

All Character Skeletons are to be posted here to keep the primary thread less cluttered with OOC Stuff. Along with any discussion shall be posted here. Have fun!


First Entry
Champion Name and Title: Crux, The Herald of Light
Birthplace and Current Resident: Ionia
Appearance: Standing about 6'1'' in height, Crux possess a blonde hair with bright blue eyes as well as a pale skin. Donning a white silk robe with golden linings akin to that of a summoner's uniform with a few minor adjustment. One impossible thing that cannot be noticed on Crux is that he wields a dual edged spear along with him. The weapon's shaft is about as tall as he is while both blades are about half of his size.
Ability: Crux excels in mixed physical and magical attacks, wielding the power of light within his grasp, he can strike several opponents with his dual edge quickly before unleashing his magic against them, manipulating the light to either hide himself to retreat or prepare for another attack.
Reason for Wanting to Join the League: In order to gain ties from The League and Ionia in case of another foreign state are to declare war against them or even pose any threat.