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best ap mid to carry with?

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Ap mid lane carries... mmm

I just carried as Orianna yesterday, let's see her pro's and con's

She has a fairly easy farm starting late-early game or early-middle game, Q+W clears the back 3 minions, with 1 more Q and auto attacks should be able to clear the front 3.
A very good harasser vs melee champions, for example: yesterday I was playing against Katarina, the passive let me deal much more dmg than many other champions such as ahri.
The ultimate is great to trap the enemy team as a group and then aoe skills will melt them away
A great supportive carry, a speed buff skill along with a speed debuff for the enemy team
A shield that can deal dmg (the ball travels)
Good damage for Q and W alone
Very Short Cooldown for Q, allowing more harass and could fix the misplacement of the ball in a teamfight.

You must need the blue buff, otherwise even if you build chalice, it may not be enough as you go oom quickly if you spam skills to farm
The ball control is hard, although a great scout for brushes, but you either have to pick up the ball or walk far away to make the ball come back to you (or you can just shield, but that will take up some mana)
If you misplace the ball in a teamfight, the ultimate is almost completely useless.

Note: She is a very hard champion to play as, so try her first before buying, I play her to have fun