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[Guide] Taric, the Gem Knight

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@Joru. The extra seconds are all you need for your partner to help finish them or a second turret shot. It's not for me to get the extra melee swing. My partners being able to bring their DPS to bear is going to be better than my single Shatter. Please try some extra Dazzle. I think you'll find you like it.

What extra seconds? Leveling Dazzle has no effect on the stun duration. It's 0.5 seconds at point blank and 2 seconds at max range regardless of skill level. Only the damage goes up. The damage that isn't dealt at all at max range, which is where Dazzle is typically best utilized (so as to maximize the effect of the precious stun).

An early 5/5 Dazzle only helps you if you're sacrificing the stun for the point-blank nuke aspect of the spell, which is almost never a good idea. It's better to use Shatter as your early nuke and save your Dazzle cooldowns for the stun, which is already at its maximum effect with only one skill point anyway.

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You're certainly right that that's what it says, Joru. I wonder if that's the case. It certainly "feels" like more points improves the range at which the longer stun occurs. Whether the tooltip is misleading or not, I'm not sure, but that had been my impression. I'll keep testing it out. If it is true 1pt is as good as 5pts in terms of when max stun length occurs. Then I agree with you to a degree. The only caveat I would offer would be that you now pay for two spells for the damage. I'll get back once I tested it more.

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the item bulid i like to play with taric(im playing tank)
tabi boots
New leviathan health item(if your tanking and using ulti the stacks will rolle in)
aegis of legion
either soul shoud or inervating locket(depends on the others)
and im taking stinger last because im focusing on buffing others while sucking up dmg and shotting out a stun once in a while

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The Senate



I go...

Meki Pendant + 2 Heal Pots
Soul Shroud
Better Boots (depending on what the match requires)

And for Abilities, I max Shatter first, then go back and forth between Dazzle and Imbue. If I need the heals, I'll go Imbue, if my team needs the mad stunz, I go Dazzle.

It's never failed me.

@ OP: F*king great guide. This literally taught me how to play Taric right. I follow everything except Nashor's Tooth.

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Has anyone tried a Armor Reduction build / attack speed/mana build on Taric?

Shatter: -30
Stark's: -25
Brutalizer: -15
Black Cleaver: -60
Sunder Mastery: -6
Sword of the Divine: -30

Totals: -166

And below is from a different post:
?? blendmaster (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/search.php?do=finduser&u=74476) Junior Member Comment below rating threshold, click here (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=42858#) to show it.
01-03-2010, 08:30 PM
Armor reduces attack damage by dividing the base damage by 1 + armor/100. ex.

100 (base damage) / (1 + 300 (armor) /100) = 100/400 = 25 actual attack damage

This is explained in the FAQ in Guides and Strategy, for those who check facts.

Anyways, yesterday, I had a particularly good match as twitch. Yes, it does happen sometimes. So, I decided to buy a second black cleaver. The passive isn't UNIQUE, so the 12 armor reduction is applied twice every hit, for -24 armor every hit.

Thus the total of 120 armor reduction from two cleavers could potentially give somebody, say, -50 armor. Using the same calculation with 100 base damage, this results in

100 (base damage) / (1 + -50 (armor)/100 ) = 100 / .5 = 200 actual attack damage

in other words, -50 armor is equivalent to autocritting (200%) every single attack. Math savvy people will also notice that at -90 armor, attacks do 1000% damage, and at -100 armor, everything is an instagib (infinite damage).

-100 armor will probably never happen in an actual game, but a well fed twitch/tristana/corki/ashe/what-have-you with 2 or 3 black cleavers could easily reduce 24-36 armor per shot. Against anybody who doesn't stack armor, negative values will happen pretty fast.

I even made this handy chart, showing damage multipliers for negative armor values:

Armor Damage Multiplier
-100 Infinite
-90 1000.00%
-80 500.00%
-70 333.33%
-60 250.00%
-50 200.00%
-40 166.67%
-30 142.86%
-20 125.00%
-10 111.11%
0 100.00%

If my understanding of armor is correct, the multiplier is pretty **** strong. Combine this with good crit chance/damage, and you're looking at ridiculously high amounts of damage.

So my question to you people out there is: is this how it actually works? When playing against enemy twitches, i always see infinity edge or (gulp) malady stacks, which just seems so much worse than possible negative armor multipliers that benefit your entire team.

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Not the best place to post this

I'd try general forums or something less specific.

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my taric build looks something like:

doran's ring
merc treads
sunfire cape or frozen mallet(if you find your team needing more CC)
the game is usually over...

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A way to play Taric that I've really enjoyed lately is a 10/7/13 spec with runes for AP. I take my 6 ap, 1 point in crit, 4/4 in cd reduction, magic penetration and improved ignite in the offense tree. 3/3 magic resist, 1/3 armor, and 3/3 health regen based off your max mana in defense, and then 3/3 mana/health regen, 1/3 in time dead, 4/4 max mana increase, 1 in gold /5, 3 in mana regen, and 1 in improved flash.

I focus my build around max mana. With this build, mana gets turned into ap, and health regen, as well as giving you a huge mana pool to use your ult through. I grab a sapphire crystal at the start and work towards Archangel's staff right off the bat. The points you have in defense turn your mana into health regen. Because you're gaining more ap than traditional taric builds, 1 point in heal goes a long way, so you're able to focus on shatter and stun as your primary/secondary abilities.

Second item I pick up mercury treads or sorcerer's shoes if they are low on cc effects/casters.

From here I will shoot for different things depending on how it goes. If they have more melee and I need to be a beefier tank I'll get frozen heart. If they are all squishy and don't have many tanks I might grab a sheen for some quick mana/ap and damage. If they are caster/cc heavy I might get a banshee's veil.

Either way, with shatter, stun, ignite and flash you can be a deceivingly deadly opponent in a lane. With a partner you can wear down their health a little bit, catch them in a stun, run up and shatter (while your partner jumps on them), and ignite to finish em off/reduce healing. This also can work really well in a solo lane, stun/wear them down to lower health, they might be cautious and stay back, use flash to get in their face, stun shatter, wack, ignite, dead.

Spirit Visage can help this build a lot as your heals will be doing more because of your increased ap.

Also make sure when you're not harassing killing enemy heroes, go hit the ranged minions about 1 hit each and use your shatter for 3 kills easy (maybe more), helps you to farm gold for this build if needed.

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Hey guys, checking back in on this thread. Glad to see nearly a year later, people still find it helpful!

I'm coming back to this game. Just look for "Asvarduil". It's probably me.

I intend to begin running a whole new set of Taric experiments, seeing as how he's my favored weapon of mass (minion) destruction.

My thoughts on Masteries? Dunno. Last time I played Taric was in beta, and I was a low summoner level. Further, Runes had been recently "hidden" because they were incomplete.

As I get in the game again, you'll see modifications to this guide.

I don't double post, but since I've come back, I've had some luck with a 'cut-down' build for Taric.

1: Doran's Shield - strengthen's Taric's strengths in the early game.
2: Vampiric Sceptre/Emblem of Valor - Less heal-spammage.
3: Chalice of Harmony - Duh.
4: Aegis of the Legion - At this point, I'm the Anti-Minion, and money has ceased to be a problem.

I'm still experimenting with runes and masteries. I've been using the Defense tree for mastery more than anything.

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The Cobalt King

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Taric happens to be one of my favorite Champions in League of Legends. However, seeing most of these builds.. (Mind you, my summoner level is currently 13. I don't shine a candle to you folks, I'm betting) ..I've yet to see any kind of overlay to the strategy I use.

This is how I do it ::

I always, ALWAYS, get Philosopher's Stone first. The Health and Mana per 5 always is a plus, and the bonus gold early game helps me creep for my other items. Understandably, this doesn't help Taric's two obviously agreed issues; movement and attack speed.

Of course, depending on the situation, I either grab Berserker's or Mercury's boots. If I'm a tank vs. a team of disables...well we get the picture.

After that, Warmogg's. Never anything else. The health bonus and regen is a plus, especially early-mid game when I'm either jungling or just being a general help to the team.

From there I hinge everything on the situation.

Abilities, I always start with Dazzle. Then Shatter 2nd level. That point forwards I either bridge the gap for heals or put all my eggs in the "let's hope to god this Dazzle maxes out damage" basket.

Again, I haven't faced any truly competent teams yet, considering my level. However, I think I'm fairly apt with Taric as a champion. Of course, I could be horribly, horribly, wrong.