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Etiquette for Draft

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Greetings Summoners,

I would like to suggest a code for Draft games. Don't Call, Don't Complain. Be Flexible! This is most important if your last in queue.

I understand if you can only play a few positions, let you team early. You MUST have 16 characters to play draft so please be considerate. Know at least 2 preferably 3 roles. AD, support, jungle, AP, Tank, Assassin. We as a community know you grow through playing and want to have fun. Please be able to fill the roles, maybe not well but have the ability to.

We understand if you want to play just AD carry but why go into a draft game? With the new Queue system please know you have a 20% chance of being anywhere in the rotation. Please do not be last in queue and demand that you get the new champion and whatever role you want just because you the called it first. This is a team game, and in draft you are trying to counter draft the other team. This means choosing the best champion for the match up the other team chosen champions. We understand if you have no good counter for Mord but then please be willing to switch positions.

If people have any other good ideas explaining how this is a great idea or a bad one let me know please.

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Stop playing Teemo in ranked. Great etiquette.