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ashe: getting you out of elo hell...

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I have been playing some games recently, and it seems to me that ashe may be the best champ to win games and climb out of elo hell... While her early game is weak, this plays into the hands of most low elo players. They can sit back and CS (getting practice in as well) for the early game, and when they hit 6, they will have a great killing potential. Ganks become easy once you have you ECA as you can just ult them and the jungler can follow with the gank.

Also, at low elo, people do not group up as often and tend to get caught out. Ashe can punish this mistake with her ult and perma slow. She also has the ability to scout the map well with her E incase her support is trolling or doesn't buy wards...

I think that in elo hell, Ashe has a great combination of utility and strength late game. If you can learn to cs with her (not hard) she can definitely help you climb out of elo hell better than most champs i can thank of (if not all of them).

She also has a very high skillcap which makes her viable as you climb higher in elo. She is one of those champs that is viable at all levels and is an inexpensive purchase.

Any thoughts on what other champs would be good picks when trying to get out of elo hell?

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This are the champs you can play to carry yourself out

Jax - solo top
Nasus - solo top
Ashe - ranged ad
Zilean - support or mid
Alistar - support or jungle
Blitz - support
Lee Sin - jungle
Nautilus - jungle

There are several more. The idea is that you either need a really hard hitting carry or a tanky jungler. The supports are good for their utility and they have okay damage (Zil and Blitz combos can chunk even slightly tanky people). In ranked, you need to assume you are your best player and never die. Without you, your team is lost. I have lost my last 2 ranked games because my team was lost. Just overall bad players. So when you're dead, your teamfight is shot because you were the only cc or damage that knew how to target.

- Mageinta Warrior