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A few diffrent bugs

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Sleepy Tiger



Firstly I would like to say that I love fizz. Now that aside, let's go into fizz's loads of bugs.

1.When I use playful/trickster sometimes when I press it to fast, it has no splash animation, sound, and no damage when I land directly on them and often does glitch number 2.

2. When I get off of playful/trickster it stuns me for some time (About 1-2 seconds) I can not use/do any thing, this includes summoner spells, moving and auto attacks. As I said before in glitch 1 this usually happens right after I do no damage with playful, but sometimes it happens randomly.

3. It is possible to jump over a wall one direction but not the other.

4. Sometimes when I try to jump over a wall it instantly knocks me back down wasting the cool down and stunning me for .5 seconds.

5. When jumping over a wall sometimes you get stuck inside the wall I jumped over and you run off in a random direction instantly, and you cannot control where you go.

6. Lastly this one is with his ultimate, sometimes when you throw the fish/lobster it goes right threw them, this usually happens a lot when it reaches the end of it's line.

These glitches happens about 1/10 times I use playful/trickster, so they happen quite often. PLEASE HELP, I love fizz but it's hard and rage inducing to play with these glitches.