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Troubled by Emotion (Garen x Katarina)

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need moar! :3

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kat and gren are my 2 fav champs i need moar of this

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SV Artixero

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Hey guys! It's me, Jaime Yaneza, but since there has been an increase in people visiting my facebook profile page, I changed my name to Qtronix. Sorry for the long pause, I hit Writer's Block and I wanted to complete a chapter rather than publish it uncomplete. I am truly sorry, but I appreciate your support! Please, do keep supporting me with your ideas that may be included into the next chapters!

Chapter 14

Jarvan was staring out the window as he leaned on the windowpane to get some fresh air when a knock on the door made itself known.

"Come in," Jarvan called out, then he heard the door open, then close.

"You were calling for me?" Garen's voice said.

"Indeed. I want to talk to you about-" Jarvan turned around and looked at Garen's face. It was swollen and really red. One could see handprints all over Garen's cheeks, "You need some ice?"

"That would be nice."

Jarvan snapped and immediately a servant ran off to get some ice. Garen leaned his back on the wall near the window and looked at Jarvan. Jarvan returned to the windowpane and leaned his arms down on it, and he stared down at the activities that were happening in Demacia's streets and marketplace. At the corner, right around the Demacian's barracks, Jarvan could see Xin Zhao training the troops. At the opposite side of town, the Academy stood high and tall. The marketplace stood at the center, as if it was the gateway to every other place in Demacia. Sona could be seen playing her instrument for a crowd at the center of the marketplace. A gentle breeze passed by, and Jarvan turned to face his old friend.

"I got a letter from Queen Ashe. Apparently Noxus is under attack by the Void army," Jarvan said.

"Isn't that good for us?" Garen stated.

"Think about your girlfriend. You think she'd be happy if we did nothing to save her homeland?" Jarvan questioned.

"Well, no, but... they DID bomb us..." Garen mentioned.

"Garen, I think we need to move past the bombing and observe the future," Jarvan said, then looked out the window again, "We might be able to forge a truce between Demacia and Noxus."

"How is that possible? All of Demacia is crying for Noxian blood!" Garen exclaimed.

"And they will not get Noxian blood, for we have a common enemy now!" Jarvan turned to face Garen and emphasized his opinion with hand motion, "If our people and the Noxians just get a glimpse of what we can do together as allies, we can forge a permanent alliance!"

"That's great, but it doesn't help that the Elite Guard have their weapons primed for whenever Katarina walks the streets," Garen pointed out.

"I'm mobilizing the Elite Guard and the Dauntless Vanguard to move for Noxus by sundown tomorrow," Jarvan commanded.

"And we're going to save them?" Garen asked.

"Who else would save them?"

"The Freljordians?"

"The Freljordians are already on the way," Jarvan said, then thought of a way to convince Garen to agree. He sighed, then put a hand on Garen's shoulder, "Think about Katarina. She would be happy if you would lead the forces that would save her people."

After pondering about Katarina's face as she was happy and smiling, Garen couldn't resist. A gentle breeze passed by and his nose caught the scent of beef stew, the dish that Katarina was cooking. He thought of the possibility of living together with Katarina without any restrain because of their citizenship. Garen nodded, then Jarvan and Garen spent most of the afternoon planning out deployment and fighting strategies. Most of the strategies that Jarvan suggested required someone of great skill. His plans somehow always involved one man to lead a strong charge that could wipe out multiple enemies in just one strike. Garen had his Judgement, and Jarvan had Cataclysm. If anything, it was Cataclysm that would be their ace, but Jarvan had to stay in Demacia just in case the Noxians were actually plotting something terrible and launch an attack at Demacia. The plans rattled Garen's mind. How would you pull off this maneuver?

"Jarvan, I don't get it... How are we supposed to pull this off? You're asking for something none of the Demacians could do easily. I bet Galio could work some of his magic but it's too much to have to do it over and over with this plan of yours," Garen complained.

"Oh, that," Jarvan looked up from a map and looked at the strategy blueprint that Garen was looming over, "He may not be the best person for the job, but I heard this man took on Viktor's laboratory all by himself and his trusty invention, so I asked him for his help. Luckily, he agreed."

"You mean the Defender of Tomorrow?" Garen asked.

"Precisely. He should be arriving today, but I haven't seen him around yet. Do give the streets a little recon and tell me if you see him," Jarvan requested.

Garen nodded, then drew a few X's on the flanks of the formation of the leading group to make sure he added a few supplementary groups to the mix. He sighed and stepped back from the table to get a better look of the strategies as a whole. Suddenly, Jarvan and Garen heard a clamor in the hallways, and the door bursted open. It revealed a short, mischievous face clad in purple cloth, followed by a half-dragon who looked really confused as to what she would do to the child.

"Hey, big guy!" Annie called out to Garen, but held a lollipop between her teeth.

"What are you doing here?" Garen asked.

"I came here because big sister Lux told me you'd play with me!" Annie exclaimed, then spun on her heel as she cheered happily.

Jarvan looked from Annie to Shyvana and Shyvana immediately felt the need to defend herself, "I tried stopping her, sir."

"Don't worry about it," Jarvan said as he dismissed Shyvana's troubles, then said, "Go, Garen. I'll clean up here."

Garen hesitated, but Annie innocently pulled on his fingers, and Garen sighed before walking out of the room. It appeared as if he was being dragged by the little girl as they exited the Palace and into the streets of Demacia. As Garen looked to the horizon, the sun was an orangey tinge, and the sky above it was bluish-purple. It was almost sunset. Garen held Annie's hand and led her to one of Demacia's playgrounds, and he was lucky to find some children about the same age as Annie still playing around. Garen nudged Annie's back.

"Go on. I'll be here if you need anything," Garen said.

Annie smiled then ran off into the playground, then started running around with the other children. Garen looked off to the side, then saw a hill that he and Lux used to climb to look at the sunsets during autumn. He smiled as he remembered the times where they would bring blankets and then promise to meet up on that hill before sunset, then they would watch as the sun sunk below the sea and Lux would often cuddle into Garen's arm for warmth. Garen didn't want to admit it, but he missed those days. The days where he could relax and just basically do little work, for Demacia was safe. He got to roam the streets and listen to Sona's melodies as she played her instrument at the Central Plaza, or maybe enjoy a few drinks with Xin Zhao in the pub. Now, there was the unannounced war against the Void, the recent battle against Noxian forces, and having to make sure peace prevails in Valoran.

Garen's face was hit with a leaf that got blown by the wind, and he turned to see Annie all alone in the middle of the playground, with embers around her. Garen could see that she thought playing with fire was what all the kids did, and now she was lonely due to her "friends" running away in fear. Garen felt pity for the girl, and he approached her slowly. He placed his hand on her shoulder as he knelt down beside her, then turned her to face him. She had her eyes downcast, and her appearance reminded Garen of Lux when she was younger.

"Nobody wanted to play?" Garen asked.

"Nope..." Annie replied somberly.

"That's too bad."


Garen looked around for a moment, then remembered the hill that had the great view of the sunset. It was about time, too.

"Come with me," Garen said, before lifting the little girl up and put her on his shoulders.

Annie put her hands around Garen's forehead as they climed the hill. Garen reached the top quickly as he ran up the slope of the hill, Annie cheering as the wind blew her hair. When they got to the top, Garen set Annie down and sat down on the grass. Annie sat beside him, and the two looked at the sunset over the sea. The water glimmered as the sun's reflection was distorted by the waves, and Annie could see some of the ships off to the side where the harbor was. Annie's teeth clattered, and Garen took off his scarf and wrapped it around Annie to keep her warm. Annie looked up at Garen, and Garen smiled at the child.

"Hey, big guy..." Annie said softly.

"Yeah?" Garen responded.

"Do you think anyone wants to play with me?"

"Of course. As long as you don't hurt them or scare them with your fire, then it'll be fine," Garen said, rubbing Annie's head slightly. The sun was halfway down the sea.


"Yup! I bet if you told Tibbers to keep his flames off, and just be a normal bear, then the kids would think that it's cool."

Annie gave Garen's words a bit of thought, and continued to watch the sunset. Stars were beginning to appear in the sky, and the breeze grew colder. Annie had to snuggle up to Garen's arm to keep warm. Garen wondered a little. Was he happy, that he was able to watch the sunset with someone, or was he sad, that there was never time for anyone else to come up to this hill and watch the sunset with him? Would moments like this happen again in the future? Garen sighed. Nevertheless, this was a moment worth living for. A moment worth fighting for. Garen kept his eyes at the setting sun until it completely hid under the sea, and he looked down at Annie. It appeared that she had fallen asleep holding onto his arm. Garen smiled slightly, then carried Annie in a princess hold, and began the descending of the hill.


As he approached the door to his house, Garen had to knock with his foot so he doesn't disturb Annie. Usually it was Lux that opened the door, but this time, it was Katarina. She looked at the sleeping child in Garen's arms and decided to stay quiet, but stepped aside the doorway to let Garen in. The difference in temperature from outside compared to inside the house stirred Annie a little bit, but Garen went straight for his room and lay Annie quietly on his bed. He closed the curtains and tucked Annie in with his blanket, then gently closed the door behind him. As he turned, he found Katarina in the hallway, waiting for him.

"I see you've grown close to that girl," Katarina said.

"She's just a little girl. She deserves a proper childhood," Garen commented.

"The proper childhood you know of is Demacian. The proper childhood I know is Noxian."

"I know that. But we have to be different for her."

"Why? What's so important about her that we have to step out of our way and be parents to her?" Katarina asked, rather harshly.

"Because, unlike you, I actually want a family." Garen said, then walked past Katarina without another word.

Katarina stood there as she took a bit to absorb what Garen had said. She never thought that he would be a family kind of guy. Oh, the perks of loving a man you thought was your enemy. However, there was a bit of tension between them now, and it might not help if Katarina had to defend herself. As Katarina walked into the dining area, she found Lux serving dinner on the table for four, the fourth one probably for Annie but she hasn't discovered that she already fell asleep. Katarina went to the living room and started to watch the news on the Noxian Channel - which, by the way, Katarina has no idea why the Demacians would have this channel - and sat down on the couch. She was nice and comfy in her baggy sweatpants and tank top.

"Dinner time!" Lux called out.

Katarina turned off the television and went to the dining area, where she found Garen already sitting down at his usual spot. She sat down at her spot and Lux sat down on her own spot. The three ate, and Lux shared stories of what she did while Garen was out of the house, and Garen listened intently. After Lux was done, Garen shared how Annie was deserted by her playmates in the playground and how the two of them went to watch the sunset.

"I miss that place," Lux said as she was cleaning up the dishes.

"I'll wash the dishes," Katarina volunteered.

Garen got up from his chair and went to the living room. His silence was really getting on Katarina's nerves, and she hurried along with the dishes. Lux retired to her room for the night, and Katarina wiped her hands on a hand towel before sitting down beside Garen on the couch.

"Listen, Garen..." Katarina started.

"I'm listening."

"I love you and all, but with everything going on recently, I don't think I'm ready for a family with you yet." Katarina said, then held Garen's hand and interlocked their fingers.

"I thought so..." Garen mumbled, before sighing.

Katarina held Garen's chin and turned it so he would look at her eyes, "The time would come when we could live together peacefully. Trust me," she said.

"I'll just have to wait, huh?"

"That's not so bad, is it?"

"I might die in this war against the Void, and-" Garen started.

"Don't you ever, ever, talk that way. You won't die. The only way you'll ever die is if I kill you." Katarina said, cutting into Garen's sentence.

"Would you?" Garen asked.

"If you did something stupid, maybe." Katarina replied.

"That's comforting."

"By the way, don't we have to get married before we have a family?" Katarina asked.

"I guess... I mean, we don't HAVE to, but it'd be nice to offically call you my wife." Garen stated.

Katarina smirked, "Your time will come."

Garen yawned a little bit, then Katarina let go of Garen's hand and stretched, "We should head to bed," Katarina suggested.

"Go sleep with Annie. I don't want her to wake up all alone," Garen said.

"You want ME to do that?"

"It would look wrong if I did it..." Garen said.

"Fine, fine... Good night, Garen."

"Good night, Kat."

Katarina went off into Garen's room and closed the door, and Garen got up from the couch to check the locks on the doors and sneaked into Lux's room to snatch a pillow. He returned to the couch and lay his head on the pillow, and he stared at the ceiling for a while. Two days from now, he would see Ashe and Tryndamere again, most likely. And he was going to meet this Jayce from Piltover sometime soon. Garen thought that the room got darker as he got more engrossed in his thoughts, but it was only his eyelids closing as he fell asleep.

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Woo! Another chapter! It's really nice to see that you still haven't forgotten about this story.

By the way, great work! I was a bit skeptical of the direction this was heading (based on the last chapter) but you pulled through!

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SV Artixero

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Woo! Another chapter! It's really nice to see that you still haven't forgotten about this story.

By the way, great work! I was a bit skeptical of the direction this was heading (based on the last chapter) but you pulled through!

Thank you! I was afraid that the previous audience of my story forgot about it because of the long pause, but glad to see someone still looks after it! Thank you again!

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just started reading this today and oh mah gawd its amazing. Good story, makes sense, characters have the correct kind of personalities.

Also, your writing is really goooddddd.

but i did see someone ask why the league hasnt stepped in yet.. but oh well its your story do what you want with it xD

anyways, keep going and get more chapters out

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GJ man although the noxian channel in demacia was weird O_o

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Bump thus far I'm in love with this