Change to ranked solo queue.

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I believe there should be a change to ranked solo queue, and I know many others think there should be a change too. Mainly speaking, champion selection, and dodging. The reason I'm posting this is because I hope for Riot to see this post and consider what I have to say. The many trolls and ragers that have joined the LoL community has made solo queue much more unenjoyable than it has been in the past. And if you're unlucky enough to get a troll on your team, or even simply someone who won't communicate with your team during champion selection, then you can potentially end up being screwed for the game, and lose. For example, you first pick WW for top, and then someone else picks Jax for jungle, and then your last pick decides to be amumu jungle, and hasn't said anything during the whole selection. What are you supposed to do? Have two junglers? Or dodge and lose 10 elo? It seems rather unfair that because you don't want to lose, and end up dodging that you lose elo because there is absolutely nothing you can do about that troll pick.

Therefore, I suggest that Riot makes a change to solo queue, and someone should be able to initiate a vote in order to kick a certain player during champion selection if the rest of team agrees they are trolling, or not communicating and completely mess up your team composition. It seems only fair to the rest of the players on the team, since the only other options are to lose during the game, which results in loss of ELO, or to dodge, which also a loss of ELO.