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Mundo Jungle

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I play a bit of mundo in lane and i kinda like him,and i heard he is really good in jungle,so i tried. The problem is that i lose so much health early game,i can't think it's viable. But i don't blame the character,i just ask, could someone please tell me what mastery they use,runes and maybe a route do begin, i started at golems,then wolves,then went a bit freestyle.

TL;DR: Could a pro jungle mundo tell me how to improve myself with him, what route/mastery/runes do you use?

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how exciting my first post any who back on topic! If you want to jungle mundo ill tell ya how!

as far as runes go.. As reds Arm yellow Mr or As blues and then MS or Ad or As quints. those should be good... Masteries go with like 9/21/0 or something like that a typical tank jungler... or you can do like 9/12/9 or something like that. Start cloth 5 and take your team and go to the middle camp on your side. at 1:40 do burning agony on the 3 or 4 guys that spawn have your team help you kill em then they go into their lanes. You go top and kill the wolves/golems and then make your way around... Build boots first for speed... mundo clears so fast he doesnt need a wriggles... BUY pots hp save you and make it so you can gank.

Hope i helped!

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He wants details saying 9/21 doesnt help at all

he prob wants runes also.

AD or AP on offense tree

I am guna try brute force + wrath
magic pen