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[Game][Minor]Ancient Golem not Changing agro

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I just played a game as Cassiopeia and had a blitz pull our blue through the wall and damage it a bit. Well, after he pulled it through the wall and hit it a couple times he left and the Ancient Golem's aggro completely reset, I kept pelting him with everything I had but his aggro wouldn't set to me, and the entire time he is regening his health. It's not exactly some massive bug, nor have I tested to see if this bug works on other camps, so i'll have to get back on that (unless other people are willing to test) But it is very annoying and made getting blue take 3x longer than it should have taken.

1. Have blitz pull Ancient golem through wall and attack it a little bit then leave after dealing a small amount of damage.
2. Try to re-agro golem by hitting it with spells and attacks.