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New Team LF Jungler

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Looking for Jungle for ranked 5's and future tournaments.
Practice times are 8-12 est weeknights (which weeknight will depend), then we fluctuate on weekends.

You must:
1) Be good at mechanics (map awareness, positioning in team fights, understanding counter picks, last hitting under tower)
2) Be dedicated. This means being on time and communicating when you cannot make it BEFORE the practice.
3) Staying positive/have a good attitude. Everyone loses, it is the ability to take knowledge from your wins and losses that make you better.

Please post with a list of some of your strongest Junglers.

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The Sneek

Senior Member


I'm a 1450 jungler (9-2 in ranked). Best junglers are Mundo and udyr, but I'm comfortable playing skarner, leesin, alistar, maokai, warwick. I'm available at those times on most weekdays and some weekends.