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AFK Punishment before AFK Kick?

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Just got done with a game where my team started off badly... in elo hell, so we had two trolls, and no jungle. Needless to say our Shaco Jungle wasn't enough to keep us above water, so while I was going 2/3 bot with my 0/4 Sona, our top and mid lost their towers within ten minutes. Pretty much all of us agreed it was over, and the five of us just went back to base at about 12:30 or so, waiting for surrender at 20. I minimized, checked the forums, and I come back to a message saying I had to come back from AFK or be kicked. I ignored this, as the game was over anyway; 3/1 Surrender vote and I was the last. I hit yes, exited the game, and got ready to pray for a better start in my next one when I got the message that I was being removed for AFK.

So now I'm suspended. For a game that my team agreed was over and went AFK together. Before I was even AFK long enough to be booted from the game.

You know, if anything, this just encourages me to NOT come back when I've gone AFK for a few minutes to deal with real life stuff, because clearly the damage has already been done.

I'll keep that in mind next time I have to answer my dorm door for five minutes; I'll just leave, what's the point after all?

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"no jungle....shaco jungle" ignorant
if you give up with only 2 towers down you definitely weren't trying especially since some comps are more late game champs