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New Game Mode?

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So I have been hearing a lot about skins only people who win tournments get or skins from the past that have been taking away etc.

I was thinking, why just throw them in a vault? Why not do something cool with them? So I would like to know what you guys think about this idea. Who knows maybe riot will read and think about it in the future.

Lets say this game mode (lets call it "Tournment Mode" for now.) Tournment Mode is a mode just like ranked but when played it doesn't mess with elo. Basicly a normal draft. But this Torunment Mode is only able to be enter by a group of players that meet the requirments.

Example: Lets say 1600+ elo only.

Now this seems like a good range where people don't troll and stuff.

Now Torunment Mode can only be entered by the fellow 1600+ elo players and you play to win "Tokens" each win will equal 1 token. Each lose will however mean you get nothing. This mode will also be a test of skills as a player yourself. Meaning you cannot enter as a team its all random. This will test your skills as a player with other random players and how well you can work together.

Now after you collect lets say 10 tokens you go to the shop and find maybe you have saved enough tokens to get some old skins for characters. Like some old shen skins or something along the lines.

Just examples, these have nothing to do with real skins.

Old Ashe Skin: 10 tokens
Tournment Ashe Skin: 50 Tokens

and so on...

This is just a idea and i thought maybe it would be worth looking into maybe.