So.. I was bored..

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I've been posting random BS in Pub Chat and a friend suggested I posted it on the forums..

So here's a short poem I wrote about my favorite champion.

names akali the ninja hybrid.. too quick to see what i did. why is swain still lane with half hips. shadow dance on the bastid. stack it, 20 count mejais is
what i'm after, i'm the ambassador of the midlane massacre, buy an oracles and i'm blastin ya. crescent hack and slash ya. it's the fatality fashioner.
level 1, active twin discipline, the hard hittin elusive vixen.. hidden from vision, can't escape my twilight prison.
not a wise decision to fight this flippin ninja, get kicked and injured by this championship contender, noob offender known to cause 20 minute surrenders.
ancient ionian ancestors, kinkou bloodline of the burst casters, slayin champs in my nurse outfit, leave you with the worst outlook.
i wrote the assassination handbook. if you're feelin froggy, stand up... queue dodge or man up, rugged or glamorous, get a free blood port to your nexus... heads up. guess what? .. pentakill and three turrets. it's hurts, don't it?

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I can only imagine this as a rap.