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Purple Side vs. Blue Side (Detailed and Updated Daily)

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Before you downvote me as just another "complaining about Purple side without any evidence" thread, please note that this is a project I intend to spend a lot of time on, and there is a ton of evidence within!

For a long, long time people have complained that Purple side has it rough. Harder to control Dragon, Baron, buffs, gank, all sorts of things. Riot has addressed this by stating they place higher ELO players on Purple side to off-set the fact that Purple side, in general, loses more. But does this really help? Being an avid viewer of scarra's stream, and seeing as he is a top-50 ELO player I decided to research this myself!

I wasn't for sure which game to post this on, but after 11 games I feel I have the right sample group to give this to the general public for viewing, and then see how it progresses from there (as often as scarra streams, of course).

Below is a Google Document detailing the games (updated daily) that scarra has played. Within it are the players on both sides, their chamoions, k/a/d, as well as their creep score. On the right-hand side you will also find the Win percentages of both side, and how often scarra is placed on both sides, as well as some thoughts and opinions of my own.

The main purpose of this spreadsheet is first and foremost to prove if there is or is not a clear disadvantage for being Purple side. Without a doubt I can safely say that Blue side in the Top-50 ELO bracket wins a large majority of the time. Even on comps where scarra's Blue team should have lost, just by being Blue it allowed them to push back and win with a solid teamfight.

There are of course countless variables as to why Blue has it better than Purple, and this document is not trying to address any of those variables; it simply gives the hard numbers that shows the fact that Blue wins the majority of the time, and that it is unfair for teams competing for cash prizes to be forced on Purple side.

Thanks for all the feedback and any helpful tips the community can give!

With every update (each day scarra streams), I will bump the thread for viewing pleasure assuming it falls into the depths of page 2.



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It can be disputed that this is in fact valid, but i still agree with you. Although i think that each side of the map provides teams with different advantages, and the teams just have to recognize which advantages they have. Blue team is easier to gank bottom when they are pushed to turret than purple team, but purple team has no way to safely ward when they are being pushed to their turret. By this i mean that purple team is harder to gank when they are pushed to turret because the ganker has to run through the commonly warded dragon area. When the blue team is pushed to their turret the enemy jungle can walk through blue team's jungle and gank from behind.

Take top lane for instance. When blue team is pushed on top they have to ward at least 2 places to be safe from the majority of ganks. When purple team is pushed they really only need to ward at the ramp up to blue, and middle should be warding on the inside of red entrance to stop counter-jungling. So purple top can push and still maintain being safe while doing it. Blue has to ward the enemy tri-bush as well as near baron. I think that the purple/blue side can be balanced a little more to not have the objectives being held easier by certain teams, but i think that the better team will use the advantages that each side comes with to best the enemy team. I think the game is constantly being developed and will never reach a perfect status, and i don't think it should. Games are meant to be constantly improved upon based on what the fan-base wants.

TL;DR Both sides have equal advantages that they can use to beat the enemy team. The better team will come out on top no matter what. CLG proved this by besting TSM, while being on the purple team and suffering a devestating 3 for none which cost then 2 turrets before 20 minutes in. They turned it into a 2 for none into a turret and a quick baron. They simply out-played the enemy team, and that's what it ultimately comes down to.

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How is it harder to control dragon? Aside from the purple side having to invest in one more ward to ward tri, they have a better escape route that goes straight back onto their side. It all comes down to the better smiter. Not to mention on purple side its insanely easy to gank top early, coming from tri and or coming through lane, and only one ward spot is needed to be placed. In bot lane on purple all the support has to learn how to do is wall ward into the river bush a pink ward, so a jungler like lee sin or jarvan can sneak into the river bush. I find that there are even fields for this argument. Even if you did argue that blue side has dragon control I'd say that purple has better baron control. Which you could then argue that dragon creates earlier game advantages, but the baron is literally game changing late. So anyone who says that purple has it rough has some arguments, its all in the pick screen and the skill of the players.
Note: Double Golems are a big advantage by blue side in bot, so that is the one advantage I would give to blue. The only way I could think to counteract this is by doing golems with the top laner to create an edge somewhere else.