Suggestion: Loading Screen and In-Game Options Menu

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Aeb Lincoln

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How difficult would it be to add the in-game options menu to the loading screen?

I have seen a lot of suggestions for chat in the loading screen, and I assume (and could be wrong) that the main reason you stay away from it is because of the slowdown it might cause for loading times. In other words, it will make slow loading times become even slower because the time spent running extra processes during selection takes away processing power that could be used to load faster.

But, adding the in-game options menu really shouldn't be that processor/bandwidth intensive and would make things smoother for a lot of players.

The In-Game options menu is frustrating to deal with mainly because it can ONLY be accessed during a game. I know many people recommend adding it to the client, which might be difficult. But I don't see how difficult it would be to add it to the window that is about to become the game client, since that is its usual residence.

The reason I think it would be beneficial is because I use different in-game settings based on the champion. Most important (to me) are which spells I wish to smartcast. I also would like time to bind the summoner spells to different keys when I am jungling (Ex: just to make smite easier to access when I'm running smite). But taking time to navigate the options menu to set keybindings takes time out of the start of the game that I'd rather be communicating with my team, quickly buying items, and ensuring the enemy isn't rushing our jungle. All of which are time sensitive and require me to be looking away from the options menu.

I don't know how difficult it would be or even how many people would want this sort of change to be made, but it gives people something to do during the load screen, and maybe will cause players unfamiliar with the options to explore it while waiting and even learn a thing or two about what can be customized.

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This game has been out for two years and this hasn't been implemented? Seems like a no brainer.