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[Champ Suggestion] Faust, the Merchant of Death

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Script Lord

Senior Member


Anything you could possibly want, I can give you…..for a price.”



There was once a family of Noxian nobility that rose to prominence through the crafting and selling of enchanted and cursed weaponry. They would sell to anyone who could pay their high fees, and reveled in the warfare they helped perpetuate. Eventually, however, they were systematically wiped out by those they sold to with the very weapons they had crafted, until only a handful of survivors went into hiding. By the time the League was formed by the Institute of War, so very few of this bloodline remained.

Damien Faust is one such descendant of this family, with Noxian blood charging through his veins. However, he grew up in Bilgewater with his grandfather, who ran a humble little antique shop. When he was ten years old he uncovered a horrible secret – his lineage was contracted to a race of demonic shadow beings that would serve the holder of the Contract without question. He was consumed by curiosity, then an unhealthy obsession, of obtaining the secreted relic of power. He killed his grandfather, took the seal, and never looked back. He eventually became known as the “Merchant of Death”, a man who acquired and sold a plethora of unique objects in an elusive Black Market. His activities landed him on the radar of a certain Bounty Hunter, though he wasn’t concerned with her, until the High Council stepped in. As a counter, however, he requested entry into the League and sovereignty in exchange for information about his family’s evil Contract – not that he would ever part with it, however….

Mephistopheles, the creature he is contracted to, is a member of the Umbran race which populates Ombreon, a plane of shadows that parallels Runeterra almost like a dark mirror. It is a bleak and desolate place where names and identity are all that matter. Mephistopheles is the ruler of this realm, the Lord of Shadow, as well as the first of its people to have earned his name.

Faust's Stats
Roles: Melee, mage, pusher
Attack range: 150
Attack speed: 0.475 (+2.225)
Attack damage: 44 (+2.8) {91.6 at 18}
Health: 400 (+70) {1590 at 18}
Mana: 320 (+40) {1000 at 18}
Move speed: 315
Armor: 15.5 (+1.5) {41 at 18}
Spell block: 30
Health regen: 6.6 (+0.66) {17.82 at 18}
Mana regen: 7.3 (+2.1) {43 at 18}

Mephistopheles' Stats
Attack range: 200
Attack speed: 0.275 (+0.275 per rank)
Attack damage: 50 (+75 per rank) {200 at Ultimate 3}
Health: 75% of Faust's max
Move speed: 325 (not affected by item enhancements)
Armor: 30 (+10 per rank, not affected by item enhancements) {50 at Ultimate 3}


(Passive) Deadly Deal – As he has mad a pact with the Lord of Shadows himself, Faust has been imbued with dark magics that even he doesn't understand. His AP increases by 1 for every 1% of his maximum health he is missing.

[Q] Infernal Artillery – A powerful cannon that fires incendiary shells that explode upon impact, dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.55 AP) flat magic damage then additional 20/35/50/65/80 (+0.3 AP) fire damage per second for 4 seconds to any enemy within the eruption radius

Cost: 20/30/40/50/60 Mana
Range: 600
Range to center: 450
Cooldown: 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 seconds

[W] Storm's Eye – A crest that projects a sphere of lightning around a target for 4 seconds, temporarily increasing their magic resistance by 7/9/11/13/15% if they are an ally (or himself) or reducing their attack damage by 4/5/6/7/8% if they are an enemy

Cost: 30/40/50/60/70 Mana
Range: 400
Cooldown: 13/11/9/7/5 seconds

[E] Dark Claw – Faust dashes forward in a linear path and slashes with a menacing gauntlet, dealing 70/120/170/220/270 (+0.6 AP) damage to each enemy in his path.

Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 Mana
Range: 700
Cooldown: 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds

[R] Contract of Mephistopheles – The nature of the Contract he possesses entitles Faust to summon a spectral being from the shadows that serves him faithfully and unquestioningly. Pressing [R] initially will call Mephistopheles out, pressing and holding [R] subsequently enables the Summoner/Player to command him directly (similar to commanding a champion) while leaving Faust motionless. The phantom’s presence depends entirely upon its masters, is visibly tethered to his master's shadow when active, and retracts back into Faust's shadow when defeated. While out, its basic attacks possess 25% armor penetration (not affected by items), its movement ignores all terrain and unit collision, and it gains an additional 2 armor and 5 MR for every second it remains active (maximum of 20 armor and 50 MR). Additionally,

500576Mephistopheles possesses his own abilities, though they are similar to Faust's own:

Shadow Bomb - Mephistopheles hurls a shrieking shadow head which bursts upon impact, damaging enemies within the burst radius and slowing their movement by 3/6/9/12/15% for the alloted time. Cost and cooldown remain the same.

Night Shade - Mephistopheles conjures a shadow veil around an enemy champion, reducing their attack damage by the set percentage and blinding them for the allotted time. Cost and cooldown remain the same.

Umbral Claw - Mephistopheles sinks into the ground as a shadow then performs the same process as that of Faust's ability, though the Lord of Shadow is rendered impervious to damage and can not be attacked for the duration of this ability. Cost and cooldown remain the same.

Cost: 80/100/120/140/160
Range: 300 - 1250 (max permitted distance from Faust)
Cooldown: 150/100/50 seconds (starts upon the defeat of either Mephistopheles or Faust)


“Nothing comes cheap, just so you know….”

“Time is money.”
“But, of course.”
“Click faster, it makes no difference.”
“On my way.”

“Everything has a price!”
“Into the fray, I go.”
“Their struggles are futile.”
“I can accept lives as payment.”
"I'm just a humble merchant..."

(Infernal Artillery)
"Time to heat things up."
"Oh my, don't burn up now!"

(Storm's Eye)
"Quite a shocking experience, eh?"
"I won't charge you, my friend."
"Ah, I can feel the surge now."

(Dark Claw)
"I have quite a sharp wit."
"You want me to slash my prices?"

(Contract of Mephistopheles)
“I call upon you, Mephistopheles!”
“Come, my friend, and collect payment!"

“I am in the business of collecting wonders, do you have any of interest?”
“It would seem that I will have no trouble collecting. (Laughs)”

“Would you.....care to make a deal with the devil?”
“I am the Merchant of Death – No, not that one.”

"Everything has a price..."

"I just need to restock for a moment."


Basic attack – He makes a quick unsheathing slash with his cane-sword, then re-sheathes it

Standing idle – He stands with his legs slightly spread, cane slightly to his side, and rotates it gently

Taunt – He shifts holding his cane between each hand several times before using it to tilt up his hat.

Joke – He leans forward on his cane with both hands then shakes his head and puts it under his armpit.

Death – He falls back, cane sword held in both hands tight against his chest, before being engulfed by a shadowy mass

Dance – THIS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI01aaLI_eY)

Recall – He taps the tip of his cane sword against the ground twice before tipping his hat down

Note: I know there's been a few Merchant characters out there, but I personally think this guy works much better. Criticism is welcome, but don't just nitpick blindly. Offer suggestions on improving my Champion's abilities, statistics, and even the lore (which I'll admit is a bit wonky).

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Script Lord

Senior Member


Poet Ultima:
League Judgment (Faust - The Merchant of Death)

Candidate: Damien Faust


The man standing in the Great Hall was perhaps the shadiest character to enter the Institute of War to date; no easy feat, considering the moral standings of some of the League’s current participants.

Nothing about him appeared distinctly nefarious, aside perhaps from the grim skull that ornamented the cap of his cane. In his free hand he habitually strokes the casing of an old pocket watch on a gold chain, though he has yet to examine the time. He was finely attired and well-kempt, but something about the predatory shift of his steely eyes and his subtle smirk bespoke of ill-intentions. He was the sort of man who could scheme and barter his way out of any situation; the kind of man only a fool would trust… and he could make a fool out of anyone.

The double doors open to admit him. Faust removes his fine bowler hat for a moment and slicks back his dark hair. Replacing the cap afterward he smirks at the blackened void beyond the double doors as though he recognizes an old friend there, and marches confidently inside.


“Foolish mortal.” Mephistopheles hisses through Faust’s mind. “Foolish, foolish, foolish, FOOLISH, FOOLISH!”

“Mind how you speak to me, demon.” Faust replies calmly as he waits in the darkness. “I am your master, you are not mine. You would do well to remember that.”

“How could you have so easily allowed our capture?” Mephistopheles raved. “You jeopardize our very existence with your scheming!”

Faust grinned quietly. “Sometimes a pawn must be sacrificed to secure the checkmate. I always come out on top, in the end. You’ll see.”

Mephistopheles settled into brooding silence in the back of Faust’s mind, and not a moment too soon. Faust blinked, closing his eyes for a fractal second. He opened them again to a sight he had done everything in his power to forget.

This couldn’t be…. It simply couldn’t. But it was. Everything was as he remembered it…. outside, he heard the rowdy bustle of a Bilgewater night. The musty smell of the antique shop interior was being tinted more and more by the coppery smell of blood. It was the smell of approaching death. Faust looked down at his shaking hands, covered in crimson. In one hand he held a dagger, in the other…. The seal. The contract that would grant him infinite power…. There was only one thing left to do. His hands stopped shaking.

How many times he drove the blade into the old man he couldn’t recall; this hallucinogenic reliving of the event was no more clear than when he had perpetrated the act the first time. Looming over his slaughtered grandfather, he felt fully the power of The Contract flood through his veins. Nothing could stop him now. Smug, he leans down to take the old man’s pocket watch from his corpse before he takes his leave. He reaches out, his fingers tug the glinting timepiece from his grandfather’s pocket….

A bony hand clamps painfully down on his forearm. Faust tries to break free but the grip is iron clad.

“Why do you want to join the League?” His grandfather demands, staring at him with wild dead eyes. Faust tries to scream. He cannot seem to divert his gaze from the old man’s cold gaze. “Why do you want to join the League? Why do you want to join the League? WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE LEAGUE?”

Somewhere in the depths of his mind he hears maniacal cackling, it is not his own voice. A manic revelry crashing over the steadily growing roar of that infernal question; “WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE LEAGUE?”

Faust wrenches free, dropping the knife to the ground and fleeing to the back of the shop, trying to outrun the gurgling laughter of his dead grandfather. He desperately flings open the back door, but it opens not into the back alleys of Bilgewater as it had those many years ago. It opens instead to a swirling void of darkness. Within it, two blazing crimson eyes, staring into his very soul.

A deafening, hellish voice rips through his skull; “Master….”

The darkness rushes forth and envelopes him, and there is silence again.

Faust is again alone in that impenetrable black void. The memories of that night in his grandfather’s shop seem an infinity away. He is shaken by the ordeal more poignantly than he would care to admit, but he suppresses the feelings.

A new voice sounds off in the darkness, no longer the voice of his grandfather. “Why do you want to join the League?”

Virgil grins to himself. So the High Council thinks they can swindle a swindler out of his own deal? They would have to do better than that to find out his true reasons for joining.

He laughs aloud. “That’s for me to know, and you to find out.”

League Judgment courtesy of Poet Ultima. A great guy with excellent writing skill!

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Knox Gran

Senior Member


and here i thought we would have a gold based champ idea.... yeah not that enticeing, sorry.

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Script Lord

Senior Member


How is he not "enticing"? Just because he doesn't have money-based abilities? And can you not read? I asked for suggestions, not pointless nitpicking.

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Script Lord

Senior Member


Bumping for consideration

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Script Lord

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Script Lord

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Bumping good times

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So for his ult does that mean only certain abilities would work on his minion? I.e Annie's Incinerate but not, say, Gp's Parrrley?

Also awesome dance idea lol

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Script Lord

Senior Member


Well, I was toying around with the idea that Mephistopheles worked in the opposite way that Annie's Tibbers summon does - whereas Tibbers has his own health bar, is only semi-controllable, has a damaging flame aura, and is susceptible to damage and stuns, I imagined that Mephisto wouldn't have a health bar, is mostly controllable, and only susceptible to certain kinds of damage (I primarily want physical damage not to work, on the basis that he's a semi-intangible shadow).

But it's still malleable and I can alter things.

The bottom line is that Faust's Ult summons a pet that he can control to an extent (I've added a bit about pressing the button again in order to issue a command to Mephisto). But does it work?

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Senior Member


there is alot of ambiguity with the ult, but there are some things that i think should be changed.

making the summon only targetable by certain elements is a bad way to work, you can imagine playing any phyical damage character and being unable to do anything as this creature mauled you to death is discouraging, especially because the squishy mage that is attacked after you is able to hit the summon with a spell and escape. perhaps change this so that the summon is untargetable out of combat or when close to faust.

considering this is a permanent passive that deals damage and is meant to be untargetable and controllable, you can compare this to victor's ult. The design for victor's ult is made more useful when victor is close to his ult because controlling it at a long range would be too powerful. annie's pet is different as as it gets further away, the more vulnerable it becomes. just food for thought.

A permanent pet is very powerful in terms of scouting, keep this in consideration.

other information that is needed to determine how powerful the ult is:
-base stats of the summon (move speed, attack speed, ect.)
-how far away this summon can move
-cool down on the skill
-type of damage being dealt
-ratio's on the ults damage (assuming the summon is affected by AP
-does the skill need to be activated or is it treated like a passive

A suggestion on how to use the e spell while the summon is out. make his E change when his ult is picked, toggling the summon from being targetable to being untargetable and vice versa. this would allow for the "elusive shadow beast" feeling to work while not being biased to a certain type of enemy. the toggle would deal damage when used, and the summon would not be able to attack when untargetable. it doesn't have to be this, but have some form of E usable when the summon is out.

different suggestion, you could make it so that faust and the summon share a health pool, and that the summon would increase the max health of the faust by x amount depending on the skill level.. the summon would take increased damage the further away it was from faust.

there was not much info in your original post about the ult, so i probably made some false assumptions, correct me where i am wrong. Also my post is probably ambiguous in parts, feel free to ask for clarification.

Overall the champ looks interesting (i don't see how he is a merchant, but that doesn't really matter), keep up the good work.