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Rating Legendary skins

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Dark Kuno

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Pulsefire Ezreal really shouldn't get an S until we're more certain he actually exists.

Definitely worth the S Rating

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There will soon be no distinctive difference on upcoming normal and legendary skins. It will become redundant, all the people who have purchased legendarys will be refunded the remainder, and then Riot will start adding new effects etc. to 80% of the new skins

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While I agree with your assement, I think you should also mention that Lion Dance Kog Maw is not priced as a Legendary. (i got him for the normal Skin price) I think this midigates that his dance, joke, taunt, and certain particle effects are unchanged.

He is priced in the store as a legendary at the full 1820rp cost, but that aside i thought legendaries didnt go on sale so how did you get him for the regular 975rp price?

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Rentacle Tape 69

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u dum

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Dark Kuno:
Legendary skins have been extremely hit or miss.

Some have been extremely good. Other's not so much.

There are very few of the older Legendary Skins that actually feel Legendary and standout from any other skin for the champ.

All legendary skins should include all of the following in addition to the actual visual differences of the skin.
  • New/different voices and/or voice acting for abilities to fit the theme
  • New ability sound affects to fit the theme (where applicable).
  • New animations and/or particle affects for ALL abilities, including auto-attack for ranged characters
  • New voice acting and visual affects for the champ's flavor elements (Jokes, Taunts, movement comments, death animation, etc)

Anything less than the above is NOT legendary.

Using the above criteria, here is how I'd grade the current legendary skins on the A-F scale.

Gatekeeper Galio
Pros: While it uses what sounds like the same voice actor, the additional reverb and tone give it a vastly different feel that suits the theme. The new particle affects on ALL of his abilities is also well done. All new okes, taunts, etc are all very well done and fit his theme perfectly.
Cons: No new Dance animation, and for someone who "guards between life and death" it's a shame he has no new death animation
Grade: A

Blood Lord Vladamir
Pros: New voice is very fitting. New jokes and flavor elements are also well done. New death animation is quite interesting.
Cons: His particle affects for abilities were changed, however the changes were so subtle that they can be easily missed (minor coloration change to the blood). Granted there is only so much you can do with blood, but even something as simple as a more easily noticed shape adjustment to some of his particle affects would have gone a long way.
Grade: B

Red Baron Corki
Pros: Novel appearance.
Cons: No new voice, no new particle affects, no new flavor elements of any kind. If nothing else the voice elements should have been new (German accent to reflect the Red Baron). This is literally a normal skin that has been arbitrarily flagged and priced as legendary. The Urfrider skin is actually more of a legendary than this (it has a new dance and sound elements).
Grade: F-

Gentleman Cho'Gath
Pros: Very humorous voice acting compared to his normal voice. Each of his abilities was given multiple new sound options which in this case is better than new particle affects. No new death animation but new voice work similar to Brolaf for his death.
Cons: No new dance.
Grade: A

Alien Invader Heimerdinger
Pros: Very good looking. Turrets have the classic cliche alien ray gun look
Cons: No new voice, no new voice acting or flavor elements. Still carries a normal wrench used for autoattack instead of a ray gun like. The turret changes are the only thing keeping this from being a normal skin arbitrarily flagged and priced as legendary.
Grade: D-

Lion Dance Kog'Maw
Pros: Very distinct stylized look. New particle and sound affects on autoattack and ultimate are very in theme for the skin.
Cons: Only the ult and auto-attack were given new particle and sound affects. Why wasn't Void Ooze given the appearance of spiral spinning fireworks on the ground? And why doesn't Lion Dance Kog'Maw have the Lion Dance as his /dance?
Grade: C-

The Magnificent Twisted Fate
Pros: It is a good joke on the "Pick A Card" aspect of the character
Cons: No new voice acting, no new animations or particle affects, no new flavor elements. This is literally a normal skin that has been arbitrarily flagged and priced as legendary.
Grade: F-

Firefighter Tristana
Pros: Cute reversal from the character's normal enthusiasm for shooting and blowing things up. New particle affects for autoattack and Rocket Jump.
Cons: No new voice or character sounds. No new flavor elements. The water hose theme was not extended beyond autoattack and rocket jump. Why not shoot a hydrant out as her ult when explodes with water affect instead of normal explosion affect it has?
Grade: C-

Annie in Wonderland
Pros: Cute concept and looks decent.
Cons: No new voice acting, no new animations or particle affects, no new flavor elements. This is literally a normal skin that has been arbitrarily flagged and priced as legendary. Reverse Annie is vastly more interesting than this skin.
Grade: F-

Corporate Mundo
Pros: Very humorous twist on the character. New voicework for virtually every element (abilities and flavor). His briefcase replaces his axe in every way (love the paper trail on the axe throw).
Cons: Other than briefcase replacing the axe, no new particle affects or other visual elements.
Grade: B+

Astronaut Teemo
Pros: Cute. Satellites instead of mushrooms New attack animations. While he doesn't actually say anything new, all of his voice work has the click-static you see in movies and broadcasts of communication with astronauts. His normal walk is the bouncy low gravity waddle. and his Move Quick shows him activating maneuvering thrusters on his suit.
Cons: The radio affect on his voice is a nice touch, but some actual new voice work to go with the space theme would have been nice too. No other new flavor elements. The fact that Many of his "normal" skins change the visual of his mushrooms and Move Quick ability also detracts from the Legendary feel of this skin.
Grade: B-

Pros: Great look that pokes complete fun at the character. All new voice work (His Ult and Death voice acting is the best). New particle affects for his axe, which transfers into his auto-attack, Undertow and Reckless Strike abilities. The cans of Axe body spray while his ult is up are priceless.
Cons: Can't think of any. Has all the elements a legendary skin should have.
Grade: A+

Piltover Customs Blitzcrank
Pros: Awesome look and distinct from the normal champion's physical appearance. New sound affects for the appropriate abilities (love the horn and car sounds on Overdrive). New Dance.
Cons: No new flavor elements other than the dance. Same old particle affects for his non-Overdrive abilities.
Grade: C-

Nunu Bot
Pros: Very distinct. All new voice affects. All new flavor affects. Flavor elements poke fun at Riot themselves.
Cons: No new particle affects of any kind other than the base physical appearance of the skin.
Grade: C-

Demonblade Tryndamere
Pros: New voice. Interesting tweaks to his idle animations. New particle affects for his fury levels, heal and Endless rage are Very well done. Some new flavor elements.
Cons: New dance and a few more new flavor elements would have been nice. No new effect for Mocking shout.
Grade: B-

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
Pros: Very humorous reversal of the champs original theme (wait clowns are really scary, nm). New particle affects and sounds that fit the theme of the skin including auto-attack (the party hat and noisemaker on the fear icon are a really nice touch ).
Cons: no new voice acting nor any new flavor elements
Grade: B

Pulsefire Ezreal (http://promo.leagueoflegends.com/pulsefire-ezreal/en.html)
Pros: Every aspect from flavor to particle affects has been overhauled for this skin. His dance even incorporates the current model in it. And his joke pokes fun at the base skin's flavor elements. The overall visual changes as the game progresses and you gain levels in his ult. This is everything a legendary/Mythic skin is supposed to be and much, much more.
Cons: None
Grade: S

There are very few of the Legendary skins that actually feel legendary when compared to other skins. While a small handful are marvelously done (Gatekeeper Galio, Brolaf), there are entirely too many that are mediocre of feel half- done.

And the biggest issue is with the number of Legendaries that are really just normal skins with unnecessarily inflated RP costs.

surprise party fiddlestick is NOT a legendary skin

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Cool thread! I would love to see this updated to include the new legendary skins such as brands.