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Help. cant survive in lane with Talon

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ok hi guys!

im pretty new to LoL, around 3 weeks and from the very start, Talon was my fav champ. he's just SOOO awesome! while tryin to save up for him, i found out that my natural style of play though is tanky DPS, such as Jax, ww, olaf- that sort of champ. ive done pretty well with auto-attackers and on-hit champs too (like AS TF, Yi, Teemo).

anyways, now ive bought Talon and i seem to almost always fail in lane =(

i rarely get decent cs, and usually get killed 2-3 times too, only managing to get 1 kills in return (on average). however, after 20ish minutes, with maxed Rake, i quickly catch up on levels and cs, and sometimes end up with max cs in game! however, becoz it takes for me to catch up and become a force to be reckoned with soo late, im losing out on a LOT of early game potential. i rarely get good ganks off at lvl 6, coz im tryin to buy that brutalizer...

becoz i catch up, ive kinda passed off the earlly game problem as no biggy, but yesterday, me and a couple of friends where playing a game, and my friend told me to mid with Talon. i was up against Tristana, and my friend told me i counter her.

im not quite sure how i counter her. even with mages, my E only gives them 2 seconds silence, so i dont see how Talon could rly counter any1 in lane...

anyways, i went 0/5/0 in mid lane, feeding tristana like a boss, and giving her first blood as well, while only picking up about 15 cs =(

after that major fail, i cant show my face to my friends in LoL again, and ive realised that this early game problem IS a biggy.

so, the question is, HOW do u lane with Talon? how to u harrass properly? when i try to E, W, Q them , i usually end up waaay more hurt than them, sometimes even dead.

what items should i buy? how do i sustain in lane? and how to fix this early cs problem?


P.S. Talon is my fav champ, so plz dont say give up on him. coz i wont. no matter how much i suck with him.

ty again

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Talon is my main too, and i really love him x3

Lol, you play him exactly diffrent that me. I pwn all in early and mid game, and i fall soo deep in late game, haha.

Ok, some tricks. If you play in top, start with a cloth armor or boots of speed (against Kennen, Vladimir, Swain... boots... vs heavy ad like Wukong, Jax, Gangplank, Renekton, etc... cloth armor). Take w, q, e and max w. Buy a brutalizer and doran's blade as fast as you can. Then, phage, bloodtrhister, trinity force, last whisper, maw of malmortius, guardian angel, quick silver sash (phage and bt you must have, the others are optional and depend of the other team and your proggres). Play some passive and try to harras your enemy with w. If he have below than 50% hp, go and kill him with your max combo (e,q,r,w, aa, ignite), but care.
In mid (my best line) i play so aggresive in lvl3+. Take w, e, q, then max w. Harras your enemy with your combo. You can kill him easly in lvl 5 or 6. For build, start ALWAYS with boots + pots. Ap carries usually start with doran's ring, take adventage of your pots. For build, take and early brutalizer, bloodtrhister, maw of malmortius, trinity force. If you have problems with the mage (usually a nuker like Leblanc, Annie, a good Lux, Kassadin.... I lie, you counter all of them), take an hexdrinker after bruta and then bt.
For boots.... In top tabi are a nice choice, then sell it and buy ionian, mobility or mercury. For mid, i always take mobility becouse i gank a lot (after my 2-3 kills in my line, i go and gank EVERY time... base, push, gank... base, push, gank....base, push, gank.... I never win my line for this XD).

Some tricks for harras and trade dmg:
*Try to use only your w to harras, but don't abuse of it. Too many times i lose a kill for low mp.
*If your enemy play soo passive (and you want kill him... normally after 1-2 kills), use the minions to harras. Use e on a minion near of him, then w and go away. You can take too much hp, and your enemy can't do anything (eat the damage or lose exp and gold, he decides).
*Use the stealth at your adventage, and confuse they... They gank me? B*tch please, e on a minion, ult and run in an other diretion (it can be to the river or your tower... but usually the river is better becouse you can take more distance and miss skill shots or AoE's). Other way is use w on them for the slow and e on a minion... You can save your ult, and if the jungler is squishy, you can kill him and go away (too many double kills of fail ganks).
*Joking like a boss. Low hp and 2 enemies chasing you? Go to a brush, use slow, e (if is only 1 enemy without powerfull aa, it's a good choice), or simply change direction. Use your ult if is necesary, and always try to run in a safer but unexpected way, usually enemy jungle. Try to run where you can find enemy minions, and joke with your e, slow and flash (a good choice can be run to enemy minions, e on minions, w, flash where ENEMIES are). It's soo funny joking with Talon.
*In laning fase, avoid dive if you aren't 100% that you can take the kill (this can be when your enemy have a heavy cc, or when his full combo can kill you in seconds). For avoid dive, you can link with e on a caster minion, w, ult and q (or ignite). You don't need use your full combo everytime, but sometimes is necesary.
*Sometimes, to counter you, enemies will change the top bruiser with the ap carry. If this happends, try to kill the bruiser... If you can't (i never killed a bruiser after lvl7 in 1v1) you can: change you too, or gank a lot. Go and gank that ap carry, nobody can counter you!

You said that you have problems in mid. Ok. Talon is an AD caster assasin and nuker, and counter ap mids in general with his silence. As a caster, you need your skills maxed as fast as you can (this is why solo line is better); you need your skills to take damage, so, learn your cooldowns and try to take adventage. As an AD char, you make phisical dmg, so, you can beat chars like Veigar and Galio with more advantage than other AP carry (Galio is hard to kill, but in early you have too much advantage). As and assasin, you use your skills, kill and go away, so don't stay too much time in a teamfight or in a 1v1, always start you (in teamfight NEVER start, but NEVER... you must wait all heavy cc's, don't worry about ks, you are an assasin, its your job); always focus their carries, becouse you are a killing machine beating carries (lol). And as a nuker, you use your full combo an makes enemy's hp below than 20%, so, always start the fight in 1v1 vs squishies (carries); ir he starts, try to avoid the dmg with your ult and end him.
As you can see, you have all advantage in mid lane... I don't know how you can lose the lane (XD). With ad carries in mid, just play in a safer distance, and harras only with w or e-w in minions. Remember that he can't kill you in a second like ap carries, and remember too that you have a STEALTH that can neutralize all his damage, and take you the time for a full combo.

Other things... mmmm.... Runes and masteries.
For runes, armor pent. marks, armor seals, magic resist glyphs and atk dmg quints (or maybe magic resist per lvl glyphs if you go top... in mid always magic resist). For masteries, in mid line take 21-0-9 (phisical dmg and mana rege) and in top take 21-9-0 (armor and hp).

Ahhhg... too long. I'm not a 1900+ elo player, but this is all that i can tell you about talon. I played like 40+ games with him, and like a 10% of all games i lose my line (i play mid, remember, in top is different). If you want, can add me in game ^^
Bye, and i hope that my "guide" is usefull.... Any mistake tell me please.

PD: my english sucks, sorry, but i need help if is about Talon x3

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thanks dude

ur info helped tonnes!!

i stopped Talon for a whil..mainly to get that horrible Trist game outta my mind..wanted to start anew!

anyways, i just had the EPIC game where i carried my ENTIRE team to an EPIC win!!!!!

i was laning with our mundo top (no jungler) against Kat and Maoki

now i guess Talon has upper-hand, but for anoob like me goin 3/0/1 in lane was AWESOME as TALON!!!

ty for ur tips..our bot and mid failed epicly..bot had lost both turrets and mid had lost 1 at the expense of zip for us...=O

but i left mundo up top and ganked like crazy and managed to get some turrets of our own, AND managed to somehow get my teammates in order and a few kills =D

we won it, even with a fed teemo and TF. i went 24/2/9 in that =D


ill meet u in the fields of justice one day, AND U WILL FEAR MY TALON!!!

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I was going to post my thoughts on Talon but the 1st reply was good enough, Talon was the first champ I bought and I get 15/2 almost every match.