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Champion Creation Tips v3

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So, there I am, it's Sunday, technically the first day of the week, and as the clock chimes midnight, I notice something odd on the floor. Reaching down to poke at it, my finger slips right through into the darkness.


Another plot hole. Just what I needed to start off the week with.

So I go out into the kitchen to grab the dustpan to get rid of it, and by the time I get back, there's a pack of dwarves crawling out of the bloody thing, and even from the doorway, I can see them plotting out war plans against my garden gnomes in the front yard.

Considering I'm mildly annoyed already at the week, and it's been less than 5 minutes into it, I can tell this is going to be fun.

Running across the room and punting one of the dwarves into the opposing wall, I smirk.

"Happy now?"

You know the response. You really do.

"No. Now I'm ANGRY!"

Yeah, it was kind of obvious, and I wasn't impressed, so I started rounding up the little buggers with the vacuum cleaner instead, then kicked the whole thing into the plot hole and swept it up, dumping it into the trash.

Now, some of you might be wondering, how I could know that this was just the beginning of things. Some might consider "Oh, well at least the week can't get any worse than that, right?", and to you, I raise an eyebrow, three teeth, and a piece of chewing gum, then call your hand.

Unfortunately, your hand has been disconnected, or is out of service range, so I guess I'm stuck returning to the narrative.

So, Sunday morning is great, kind of, I suppose. The human sacrifice just wouldn't stop complaining the entire time, no matter how many times we managed to get the ball gag in their mouth, and by the time the afternoon hits, I'm already in a rotten mood, and head out to take my dragon for a walk.

Did you know there's a new bylaw about torching people within city limits? I know I sure found this out fast. On the plus side, fire cures everything, and the officer found they had a difficult time enforcing the ticket, when the paper, and their squishy carbon form, lay in ashes upon the ground.

I'll admit, the sight of Trixie scattering the dust to the wind did make me break a smile, until I looked up, and noticed the giant robots that were terrorizing the town.


It was just going to be one of those weeks. All this rampant destruction and widespread chaos, and I'd caused so little of it.

Cutting our walk short, I had to go back to the lab and began researching something with which to truly make my mark upon the world. Something that would stand out, and change the very face of reality as we knew it.

By Tuesday, all I'd come up with was an abnormally large dry erase marker, and, having drawn a goatee and monocle on every major statue I could find, from the Statue of Liberty, through to Mount Rushmore, and even stopping off in Cairo for a few hours to fix up the poor Sphinx with a Groucho Marx moustache, glasses and cigar, I realized, somewhere, that this just wasn't cutting it.

Most of the rest of Tuesday was blown playing League of Legends while I fumed and plotted, and it was only near the end of the night that it suddenly dawned on me, that which must be done.


It was elegant, it was beautiful, clearly, there was no other way around it. My life's work had led up to this moment, and it would be a thing of glory, a thing that would strike the hearts of men and women alike, and blaze across the sky heralding in a new age onto the world, the likes of which had never been seen before!

A quick check of the calendar, however, foiled this scheme, just as quickly, as Teemo season wasn't open for another month.

Great, now I was bored and out of ideas.

And this brings us to today.

Oh Wednesday, I'm only half way through this week, and already you taunt me with the false promise of joy this day, dangling it ever so slightly out of reach, like a child being offered candy to get into a van, only to have the van suddenly be eaten by a wild bear.

You have to admit, bears really are jerks like that.

I was once just casually minding my own business, checking out the newspaper at the street corner while waiting for the bus, and BAM, a big ol' grizzly walks right up to me and knocks the paper out of my hands, then sits on it and glares at me.

Now, perhaps it may have been overkill, slightly, to have left that large of a crater in response, especially when the bus ended up falling into the pit and a greater elemental lord which had been chained for untold generations under the earth burst forth, demanding tribute, which I had to put down by unleashing the power of an ice cream truck upon it, but to be honest, I've always considered overkill to be a questionable term, at best.

Really, if it's dead, wasn't that the purpose in the first place? How do you make something "overly" dead, anyway? Either it's dead, or it's not, and, all things considered, my way typically ensures that you don't have to worry about the latter all that much.

Anyway, I digress.

So, it's Wednesday, and here I am, juggling baby seals over a fire pit, when there's a knock at the door.

"Now, who could that be?", I mused aloud to myself, promptly dropping what I was doing to go answer it.

I was about to open my front door, when it went flying off it's hinges, and BAM, it was a kangaroo wearing boxing gloves.

And then a wallaby hopped out of it's pouch and began firing missiles into the hallway from the rocket pack it had strapped to it's back, but fortunately I was able to dodge the missiles and turn their homing pigeon guidance system back on it's owner, clearing out the infestation.

Or so I thought.

Minutes later, trying to relax from that ordeal, I was going through the pantry, just putting some PB&J together for comfort food, with a side of German black forest cherry cake, a strawberry milkshake, a light cesar salad, a bowl of grapes, the severed head of a zombified bunny roast on a spit from the splintered wood of Yggdrasil's reincarnation as a treant, some orange juice and a lemon slice, and, when I turn around, my pantry's gone.

No, you don't get it, I mean it was gone.

Not the food, the room.

So I'm standing there, scratching my head with one hand, the other holding a half empty jar of peanut butter outstretched, as if to set it back into a cupboard that isn't there any longer, and all I can think to myself is "Bloody hell. Ninjas. I'd call the exterminator, but they probably stole the phone, too."

Considering I had a headache, and didn't want to bother using my vast psychic powers because of such, I had to jury rig the butterknife and peanut butter with the jam jar to ferment a few nanograms of botulinum toxin, then placed such on my butterknife, and began stabbing the air experimentally to see if I could hit them.

As I was doing so, however, it turns out that I tripped and fell into the very same plot hole which had somehow managed to escape the trash can from earlier, and found myself laying face down in an enormous bowl of flour.

Standing up, and brushing myself off lightly, I turned around and noticed that there was a million people, all staring at me. Or at least, that's what I had first assumed. It turns out that none of them had eyes, and they were just kind of looking vaguely towards me with their empty eye sockets, moaning quietly.

Considering the situation, there was really only one thing I could do.

I whipped out my airgun guitar and began to rock out, bringing the creepy monstrous people down one silent power chord at a time, until it turned out that the only ones left standing were myself, and the ninja, who happened to be wearing an Anniebot mask shows up, and I can tell, just by looking at her, that she's from the future. The vacuum tubes for hair really gave it away, honestly.

Rawr, I hate time travel. You get stuff happening from the future all the time, then you have to go back and fix everything with marmalade or the butterfly dies and T-rexes eat your shoes before you get home, then you have to go buy new shoes and the store's out of them because they forgot how to make them after the 37th world war.

Did I mention I hate time travel? I don't recall since I think I moved forwards a bit there, and I can't recall if I was here, as me, a moment ago, or if that was sometime later from now.

Anyway, so Anniebot the ninja's just standing there, holding up a piece of toast and some ice cream, and I'm like "Oh hells no, that's MY recipe BIYATCH!", so I slapped her in the face with the posh leather interior of a Ford Mustang, locked her inside of it, and pumped mustard gas into it through the exhaust pipe along with some cherry soda because I didn't really want to drink it and I couldn't find a trash can anywhere nearby.

They really should make those more common, you know. I mean, you want me to put my trash away, but I can never seem to find a trash can when I go looking for one, then I have to hire a digging team to drill down to the center of the earth so I can drop it into the molten iron core so it vaporizes, and it's an awfully large amount of work.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, so Anniebot the ninja was getting kind of pissed at this, since it turns out she was like 1/48th jewish or something on her mother's side, which I thought was kind of weird, all things considered, what with that race not existing in Runeterra and all, but whatever, so she called in the lawyers and I was forced to change it to horseradish gas, but really, who uses horseradish anymore?

Since she'd really ruined the whole thing, I just shrugged and let her have the car, since it kind of reeked of a ham sammich now anyway, and trudged back home, only to try to slam the door behind me in frustration, and then realize, again, that it was still missing after that bloody kangaroo showed up earlier.

As I said, it's totally just been one of those weeks, and there's still a few more days left to go.

So, how's everyone else been? Doing better than I have, I should hope?

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Clearly, needs more cowbell. And perhaps a bump. Bumps work too. As long as they have


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Nearly over my ear infection. By the end of the weekend, I should be pumping out more stuff for you peoples ^.^

Sorry for the delay ;_;

It's been fairly rotten, either intense pain, or knocked out on painkillers. I'm sorry I haven't been able to be there to update this as often as I'd like! Unfortunately, I have standards, and in the mental shape I've been in, I would not have been meeting those standards of quality.

I refuse to claim that I'm a valid authority, to provide information to people to learn with, if I'm not at my peak, so... the guide's been put on hold for this week, but it'll be updated again soon, just you wait and see! ^.^

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Okeis, I'm back! ...Kind of.

During the course of blood work done for the ear infection, it was found I have hypothyroidism, and I started on medication for that. This unfortunately means that I'm probably going to be a little sluggish for the next 2-3 days while my body's compensating for the suddenly increased metabolism. I already spent like all night and all day in bed so rawr.

Anyway, for projects I've been trying to work on to keep busy, you can see these:

An amusing story (which shall be continued) that's just for the sake of being silly.

A complete overhaul of the warding and stealth systems, as well as an Evelynn remake.

I don't feel confident in my ability to provide accurate information at the moment, so I'm going to hold off on providing additional articles on the guide for a few days. This is only temporary, and I apologize for the delay! I'd love to get more done, but giving bad information is worse than no information, and until I'm confident in my capacity to think straight without being half asleep, I don't want to provide false or misleading information to you guys!

As such, feel free to glance at the other two links in the meantime, and I'll try to get back here shortly! I have a few people waiting on help in the fan fiction forum as well, so I have a lot of people waiting on me to get better, so I'm sorry it's taking so long ;_;

Rawr, I'm starting to sound like I work at Riot! (Don't worry, physical bug fixes will be available next patch, which will be "soon"! )

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hey Katsuni, I think it would be interwesting as a sub-chapter to make a "Making new roles (like Mage, Carry, Stealth. Those are roles. Some ppl don't get that >.&lt" section, where you

A) Point out the Pros and Cons of making a new Role

B) Explain what you need to do to make your role different

C) Decide whether you even need a new role to egin with.

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hey Katsuni, I think it would be interwesting as a sub-chapter to make a "Making new roles (like Mage, Carry, Stealth. Those are roles. Some ppl don't get that >.&lt" section, where you

A) Point out the Pros and Cons of making a new Role

B) Explain what you need to do to make your role different

C) Decide whether you even need a new role to egin with.

While stealth is a role, as is carry, mage is more of "they have more magic than physical to do their effects".

Technically, rumble's a mage, yet he's a bruiser more than anything. Cassiopeia's a mage, but she's a carry. Mage is just the method by which their role is applied, so I don't think I'll provide that as a specific section, but I may include it in the primary "blanket all" section.

Stealth is a specific special case, but again, champions with stealth as a primary mechanic (wukong and vayne don't count) are pretty much all assassins. Long term stealth, such as Evelynn or Twitch, I may go into more detail on =3

Carries, in particular, I'm going to be going into detail on regardless, so don't worry there ^.^

Anyway, I'm capable of thinking today, it seems, so yay! I'll probably have a new section up before the night's out ^.^

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Awe yea, new article up!

Sorries for the delay, I know it's been a long time coming! Medical issues have made it near impossible to think straight for a full week and a half or so!

Don't worry, though, I'll be catching up on my articles fast, and I'm hoping to get 2-3 done per day for the next week to catch up ^.^

With luck, the guide will be done by the end of the month!

...I... just jynxed myself, didn't I?

That figures.

Oh well, I'll try my best anyway to meet that deadline ^.^

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Alright, back on track and pumping out articles like yeu wouldn't believe! ^.~

The second article for today just got dumped in on page 2, under mana!

I'll have this bloody guide written and finished yet, even if it kills me! RAWR!

ZILEAS! I'mma calling yeu out! Yeu think yeur little anti-patterns list is enough to teach people how to do good game design? Mwahehe, well after I'm done with resource systems, those are next on my list of things to tackle >=3

By the time I'm finished, this will literally be *THE* MOBA game design bible!

...Please pardon me a moment, whilst I cackle maniacally.

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Zing! 3 articles in one day ^.^

Told'ja I'd work on catching up!

I felt rotten all week for being unable to work on this, and I'm not going to disappoint you guys, as I know that a bunch of people are waiting on the updates, so here's all the epix win you can handle!

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Petyr Baelish

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Read it all... That was great!

Riot needs to see this/hire you.

When the game you are designing comes out, it will prob be a must buy, this is honestly the best game design lecture I've seen yet.