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True Freedom

"Ah yes. The Ruby is for vigor," Taric said.

Ryze was in his examination room, trying to decipher the different magics the league's champions used. Taric's gems were each infused with a particular spell, aiding him in battle. The ruby in particular was infused with a speed spell.

"Absolutely fascinating..." Ryze muttered as he studied several of Taric's gems more intently.

"Gems contain unbridled power," Taric agreed, nodding.

Ryze stood up, handing Taric the gemstone back. "Thank you very much for this opportunity Taric."

Taric bowed as he moved to the exit. "Anytime Ryze."

Ryze scribbled down some notes, before offhandidly calling, "Next!"

The door creaked open, as Ryze's eyes narrowed at the being that had just floated into the room.

Xerath, the Magus Ascendant.

The Archon, encased inside a shattered Sarcophagus, said in his wispy voice, "I was told to present myself to the mage Ryze."

Ryze bristled. He'd asked the League to send him Champions with unusual powers, but Xerath was an abomination! He'd destroyed his city with reckless magics, and was trying to get out of his rightful punishment through the League. He didn't even deserve the recognition of Ryze giving him an examination!

"Out!" Ryze yelled.

Xerath did not move.

"Out!", roared Ryze.

Xerath slowly turned around, and floated out of Ryze's examination room. Xerath was extremely annoyed. He had hoped that the summoners of the League could undo the chains wrought upon him by the mages of Shurima, but so far, they'd only had him fight and ordered him to places that summarily rejected him- first the library, then a city-state's academy, and now the examination room of this mage.

At least they'd given him a source of magic in his room in the Northern Wing. He headed that way to replenish his stocks of arcane energy, sorely depleted after a heated battle in the Crystal Scar.

On his way to his room, Xerath sensed a being of intense magical power. The closest human description would be smell, for Xerath caught a whiff of hardened, concentrated power.

Intrigued, Xerath slowly floated towards the 'smell', always interested in new sources of power.

When he came across the source of the spell, he was expecting a majestic being of extreme power- perhaps another archon like himself.

He was not expecting a dark female with tattered wings and a ruined body, desperately trying to even wiggle her right wing.

Xerath sniffed again. The smell was definitely coming from her.

His curiosity overriding his judgement, Xerath's voice rasped out, "who are you?"

The Fallen One, previously facing away from the archon, slowly turned around, eyes wide. "Who's there?" She seemed startled when she noticed the archon behind her, and winced in pain when her left wing brushed the wall.

"I am the Magus Ascendant," rasped Xerath. "I sensed magic, and I came." He paused for a moment. "Why are you in pain?"

"My **** sister," Morgana growled. "I didn't follow all of her rules, and she did this." Morgana gestured to her tattered wings, as she turned her head to the side. "Let's talk about something else..." Morgana looked back at Xerath. "Why are you here?"

"In the League?" Xerath asked. Morgana just raised an eyebrow, then nodded slightly. "Are you sure?" Xerath pressed. "It's a long tale." Morgana gave a short bark of laughter. "Oh, I've got time." She mused to herself. "Almost too much time..."

And so Xerath's tale began.

"Back before the last Rune War, there was a great City-State called Shurima. The mages there always used magic for battle, and warfare. They controlled it tightly, wielded it as a sword, to conquer Shurima's enemies. I was different.

I wanted power- not to conquer, but for knowledge. Power could teach me- the world- about the universe, and the inner workings of time itself. And so I taught myself, granting myself ever-greater power. But my mortal form could not hold so much energy in myself, so I started a ritual to transcend my mortal body, and grant me one of pure arcane energy. The Backlash from the spell destroyed the entire Mage's district and half of the Market district in Shurima.

I had gained power, but the mages there did not know for what reason. They assumed I'd come to destroy, rather than learn. They sealed me away in this prison. Many long years later, I finally destroyed it, but the core remains, forever shackling me. I have been fighting in hopes of achieving freedom from these chains ever since."

Xerath's story finished, Morgana lowered her eyes in contemplation. His story was just like hers. She found herself speaking.

"My sister Kayle was the leader of a faction, that promoted 'Central Government' and 'Law'. I saw it for what it really was- dictatorship and tyranny. I refused to obey, and for that, I was branded 'fallen'."

A small tear slipped out of Morgana's left eye. "I just wanted peace, and the ability to be different, independent, creative- my own person." Morgana looked down at herself- her metaphorically stained hands, her torn wings. "I fought for my future, and this is my punishment..."

"You know..." Xerath began. Morgana looked at him. "We aren't so different."

Morgana's eyebrow rose.

"We both crave freedom from our own separate burdens." Morgana slowly nodded as she understood what the Archon was saying. However, what he said next caught her by surprise.

"You are a powerful mage, correct?" Morgana nodded. "Could you perhaps, aid me with my chains?"

Xerath's arcane form twisted the metal on the sarcophagus to resemble a smile. "And of course, I shall help free you from your own chains as well.

Morgana dared to hope for a moment. Xerath was amazingly poweful. She quickly nodded. "Anything."

With the Magus Ascendant standing beside her, perhaps even freed by her magic, perhaps one day she could finally get out of this living nightmare, and finally be herself again, not having to raise another finger against her own kin one more time.

Xerath's spirit felt lightened when he heard Morgana's answer to his request. Perhaps, one day he could be released from his chains, to finally wield his power once more, and gain more knowledge to share with the world- and make it a better place.

Perhaps one day, they could both be free.


The paucity of other posts is depressing me =(

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Nice man, I like a lot of these. The Akali and Caitlyn one was kinda out there but other than that you're doing a good job. Also can you go back to putting titles on them? When you stopped I thought you were continuing stories.

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sry =( I'll try to do that.
If I'm continuing stories, I'll put a pt. 2 on there. But thanks for the reminder.

-also, sorry for not updating. I've written, and discarded, three seperate stories, as well as focusing on the Collab project with the other (infinitely better -_-) writers on this forum. I'll try to get another one out ASAP.

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Okay, well the Akali and Caitlyn chapter- Faces in the Night- now has a part two. go read it =D


PS Anyone who gets the Mass Effect reference gets an internet cookie =D

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omfggee i love you ill read it when i have the time ^^

read it... im sorry what ==" did someone die

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Anyone can learn

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Brand, the Burning Vengance sat in his cell. It was night out, which meant he would not be summoned for battle. That also meant he had nothing to do to pass the time.

The door to his cell creaked. Brand looked at it for a moment, before looking down again. No one would be dumb enough-

The door swung open. Brand surged up, hurling a fireball, only to have it splash harmlessly on some kind of shield around Nasus, the Curator.

"Nasus," Brand said. "What are you doing here?"

Nasus simply shut the door, and walked inside.

"Answer me!" Brand yelled, as all the pent up frustration within him began to explode now that he had a target, and Nasus became bathed in flame.

"Do you not think me stupid enough to not come in here with a magical shield?" asked Nasus in his super smooth and silky voice. Brand reluctantly stopped the torrent of flame.

"As for why I am here…" Nasus trailed off, deep in thought, eyes unseeing. Brand tapped his foot impatiently.

The Curator looked directly at Brand again, looking straight at him with a piercing gaze. "I know the different accounts of the Burning Vengance…" Brand snorted at this. "But I am a librarian at heart. I wish to know more. I wish to know your side as well."

Brand began to laugh. "I am incomprehendable to the likes of you. I do have purpose deeper than destruction, you will just never see it!"

Nasus' voice was quiet. "Try me" he said narrowed eyes. Brand shook his head.

Nasus' voice suddenly got deeper, louder, as he grew in size and showed his true form- a silvery-blue blend between a jackal and a man. "I am a god, immortal, and eons older than you. You would do well to listen to my requests."

Brand's eyebrow shot up, as he looked down (remarkably like a sulking child), and muttered beneath his breath, "fine."

Now it was Brand's turn to look up, past the raging god, and reminisce upon old times.

"There was once an organization in the past. It was known by outsiders only as "Dragon". It taught balance in all things. Balance… in life as well as in Death.

They saw so much life around them, so much going in, none coming out. They predicted that it would destroy the balance, with catastrophic results. They needed to even out the balance between life and death somehow.

I was their tool to do so."

Brand looked down. "I destroyed the entire world- including the last remnants of those who created me. It was only by the intervention of all the remaining mages in the place you now call Lockfar that I was sealed… until my freedom."
"So that is your purpose…" Nasus murmured to himself. The Curator looked up again. "Well I have two things to tell you.

The first is that the organization that created you is still alive. It has actually spread to be the central religion of one of the city-states, Ionia. In fact, in its purest form, Dragon has evolved into the ninja organization known as the Kinkou."

Brand gasped. He'd noticed the similarities between the Kinkou and his creators, but he'd never imagined that the organization had actually survived.

"Second, that your purpose is flawed."

Brand bristled at that. "You don't get it," said the Burning Vengance. "I am the power that cleanses old growth, and clears it out for the new. I renew the world. That is my purpose, and I do it by fire."
Nasus snorted. "And what is old, for you?" Brand began to interrupt, but Nasus just continued. "What about young men, just about to enter their prime? Children, who will grow, whose time have not even begun yet! Is that what you wish to cleanse?"

Brand looked down. Nasus continued. "That is your purpose- to destroy everything- be it old, or new. It is flawed."

The Curator looked out the cell window- it was already dusk. "I have limited time, so I must leave now. But rest assured that you have taught me much- about your history, about your views, and about the cycle of Life and Death itself. For that I thank you, and I hope you can teach me more in the future."

As Nasus turned around to leave, Brand muttered softly, but was loud enough for Nasus to hear: "Yeah that'd be nice."

As the Curator exited, he just caught Brand saying to himself, "heh, maybe he's right."

Well, I wrote this at 4 in the morning. If it really showed, please feel free to scream at me about it in a review.


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shameless bump!

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Ask Brolaf

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These are AMAZING.

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*cough* bump *cough

Well, no need to worry, I'm actively working on the next one. I expect it to be out within the next 2 days.


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You, sir, are the epitome of LoL fan fiction.